Serbian Parliament just voted for the new law that every citizen is the organ donor by the birth

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I mean call me crazy but this is not normal for me.

The fact is that you can't take the organ from the dead person that means that doctor commission will decide do you have some chances to live or you are going to die for sure.
Perfect example is the Michael Schumacher who is clinically dead but alive. He would be great body to cut and take organs.

Is it ethical to do something like that ? Are the doctors playing God now and they will decide everything ?

Imagine the opportunity for the criminal activities ... it is just crazy

I am reading the comments of the citizens on forums and inside the comment's section under the major articles about the subject.
People are expressing fear and anger about the Parliament decision.

I am asking my self how low are the normal citizens ... they are smaller then bugs without basic human rights in the country.
And the crazy thing I would suggest to anyone who is reading my post that it is coming into your place ...
yes it will be there and you will be donor by birth also ... human organs have good price.
So eat healthy and stay fit ...