The Mouth is a Window into Your Health - How Cavities are a Blessing

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Hello all,


Last week I went to the dentist to get my biannual 6-month teeth cleaning. After x-rays and examination from the dentist, I think I’m in the clear (who likes people prodding into their mouth?), but then I hear the dreaded words no one wants to hear when they go to the dentist,

“You have a cavity.”


I eat healthy…most of the time. Sure I have a treat here and there, so why does this happen?

First, what is a cavity? A cavity develops when a tooth is decaying. It starts off as a small hole and gets bigger and bigger over time. Unless it is treated (believe me, I asked if it’ll just go away on its own), the acids from the bacteria in your mouth will continue to eat away at your tooth and eventually makes it way to the inside parts of your tooth, leading to tooth decay.

So I went in today to get it filled.

Although I can think of this as a failure on my part for not taking care of my body, I’m actually looking at it as a blessing.

Think about it, my body is so intuitive, it wants nothing more than to heal and be in balance. It wants so desperately to be ok that it sends out this little message, in this case, a cavity, to notify me, “Hey, I’m not ok, but I want to be. Can you fix it?”

Absolutely. All day everyday.

When we finally stop fighting our bodies and start loving it, we stop feeling bad for all the minor and major things that happen to it. Whether your back hurts or you have cancer, your body is just telling you, “Hey, I’m not ok. Let’s work on fixing it.”

So wherever you are in life and no matter how your body is feeling, start listening to it. It knows a lot more than we do and if all we do is listen and implement, we can be in perfect harmony with it and live happier, more fulfilled lives.

Any thoughts or opinions? Drop me a line!


Taking care of your teeth is important!

It is really really important. Specially when you are old, teeth can’t be replaced with new.

So ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

You got it! Because I was once in the dental clinic and that is the advice of the doc. :)