The Best Health Advice I Can Give You

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Yes, you might think it is a joke but it is not.

Smiling and keeping oneself happy is biggest health trick you might ever come across. It is said that 99% of our diseases are psychosomatic, i.e. it starts with the mind and then affects all other parts and functions of the body.

How It Works?

Smiling makes the mind happy which relaxes and energizes the nervous and other important systems. In my personal experience, all those days and weeks where I have been happy and joyful, I feel more healthy and also rarely I fall sick.

But if there are days and weeks when I am unhappy and not enthusiastic, I tend to get stressed and build up tension inside me which then effects the mind, nervous and other systems. Also, I have seen that I end up falling sick or feeling unhealthy because of this.


All I have learned from all this and I would like to tell people out there is keep your smile up and energies even higher. People, events and situations keep changing but this is one hack to make sure you remain healthy and keep moving forward towards your goals.

It is a much better way to live and achieve success in the personal, professional, social and financial aspect of our lives rather than choosing the way round.

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Great advice!



Great and also simplest of all as far as implementation is concerned.