The benefits of the unexpected mangosteen fruit

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The benefits of the unexpected mangosteen fruit

Mangosteen fruit has a Latin name Gracinia Mangostana whose tree is a natural and timeless green tree that usually this mangosteen tree can grow in tropical climates. Lots of people who believe that this mangosteen tree is derived from the archipelago Archipelago that has a height of trees up to 25 meters.Pada time is ripe, the skin is purplish red and sometimes brownish and white flesh. The typical taste of the mangosteen fruit certainly gives the impression different for the audience, not infrequently many people who complain at the time consuming mangosteen fruit, because meat with seeds are not comparable size of large mangosteen seeds certainly affect the mangosteen meat. However, this mangosteen fruit has many benefits not only the fruit alone and even manggispun skin has benefits for health and beauty.
The benefits of mangosteen fruit is abundant and very phenomenal until now, so the mangosteen fruit dubbed as queen of fruit, due to many benefits it has. Undoubtedly, the results of the research revealed that the mangosteen fruit and its fruit skins are rich with more than 40 substances of xanthones which are one of the most useful antioxidants in the world, not only that the mangosteen also contains polycythase, cathechins, and polyphenols, one anticulate and anti-bacterial material. Keep in mind Xanthones is one of the main active components of the mangosteen fruit.


Here are some benefits of the mangosteen fruit for health and can cope with various diseases.

• Benefits of Mangosteen Fruit for Health and Beauty

  1. Lowering bad cholesterol
    The content of Xanthone substances owned by the mangosteen fruit makes mangosteen to be one of cholesterol. Mangosteen is believed to reduce excessive levels of LDL or bad cholesterol in the body so as to prevent the occurrence of narrowing of the blood vessels.

  2. Preventing Kidney Stones
    Consuming the mangosteen fruit will give the effect of urination on a regular basis. Therefore it can be concluded with that, eating mangosteen fruit can certainly help avoid kidney stone disease.

  3. Treating Asthma
    Asthma disease classified as an emergency disease and can lead to death, due to damage to the respiratory system. For those of you who experience shortness of breath there is no harm if you try to overcome by consuming mangosteen fruit. Because this fruit is believed to have the ability to fight infeksidan contain substances that can reduce allergies.

  4. Lose Weight For You
    who are doing weight loss program, there is no harm if you try to consume mangosteen fruit regularly in the process of weight loss. The content of xanthones is useful to soften the membrane cells that have enlarged and hardened together with the greatness of the human body.

  5. To Prevent Cancer
    has the content of xamtone compounds which is one of the anti-cancer compounds which is certainly very useful in overcoming cancer.
    Anti-cancer compounds are believed to slow the growth of cancer cells found in the colon and intestine, and can slow growthsel, and the danger that can cause leukemia disease.

  6. Maintain Health and Beauty
    The content of antioxidants is higher than the content of vitamin C and vitamin E, which provides benefits for maintaining a healthy body and efficacious for beauty.

  7. Maintaining Eye Health
    Eating mangosteen fruit rich in antioxidants is believed to prevent the occurrence of vision problems, such as cataracts and glaucoma, a disorder caused by radiation that removes the protein in the lens of the eye.

  8. Preventing Mushroom
    Fungus is a very disturbing thing for everyone, especially in women. By eating mangosteen regularly will make us avoid bacteria or fungi.

  9. Treating and Preventing Heart Disease
    Mangosteen fruit is believed to restore back to the consciousness of the virgin who lost its elasticity, through antimicrobials and antioxidants possessed by the mangosteen. Thus, the risk of heart disease can be reduced and can be prevented with a solution, consuming the fruits regularly.


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