The Benefits Of Avocado For Skin Health

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Hear the name of the avocado fruit, surely that comes to your mind is a fruit juice that tastes sweet and fresh. Yes, avocado fruit is very good indeed if made juice. However, there are some people who are afraid to eat avocado because it contains fat that can make the body so fat.

But the fact is, avocados do contain lots of fat, but fat here is not fat that can lead to fat, but unsaturated fats are very effective to lower bad cholesterol. So, you do not have to worry anymore yes if you eat avocado, because it is vitamins and other nutrients that exist in this fruit is very beneficial to the body.

Not only that, avocado fruit is also very useful for the beauty of your skin. Where fruit is often used as a natural ingredient used for masks and also scrubs. Then, what are the benefits of avocado for your facial beauty? Curious? Let's see together the complete information about the benefits of avocado.

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Facial skin exposed to sunlight and also excessive air pollution will make it prone to free radicals. This will worsen your facial skin condition. Well, the content of vitamins C, E, and also flavonoids that exist in the avocado fruit proved effective to prevent free radicals and also exfoliation caused by lack of fluids.

You can immediately apply the avocado flesh that has been smashed into the face evenly and wait until the mask dries for about 15 minutes. If it is enough, rinse with clean water. Perform these treatments regularly for maximum results.

The benefits of avocado for this beauty you can try yourself at home. Do not hesitate to try it yes. Many have proved its properties, so you need not hesitate anymore.


Too long activities outside the room will make your face dirty because of dust, dirt, pollution, sunlight, and so forth. But now you can clean it by using an avocado mask.

Very easy to feel the benefits of avocado for beauty, especially to clean the face is to mix the flesh of avocado, egg yolks, and a little white milk. Stir until evenly and the texture resembles a paste, then apply on your face. Wait until it dries or approximately 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.

Mixture of these ingredients proved effective for removing dirt and toxins attached to the pores, so you will be free from various skin problems that interfere with your appearance.

Keeping your face clean is a must for you, because the face is a long-term asset that must be kept clean and well maintained so as not to damage in the future.

No need to buy beauty products that are expensive or go to a beauty salon to beautify your skin, because today's natural way to treat the skin so loved by women. Well, therefore it never hurts to try the benefits of avocado for beauty for your skin to be clean and more groomed.


Rough skin will not make you look beautiful. Especially if it happens to the skin of your hand. Surely you will not appear confident. Many housewives have rough hands because they work too hard in housekeeping.

Well, for those of you who want to eradicate rough skin problems in a cheap way, you can try the benefits of avocado for beauty. The way you have to process the avocado into a scrub first.

How to make a scrub is very easy, first cut the avocado fruit into two parts, then remove the seeds and grab the flesh. Blend the avocado flesh and add also lemon juice and oatmeal.
Stir until all ingredients are mixed evenly, then rub into your hands while given a little massage for about 20 to 25 minutes. If you have, rinse with warm water until clean.


Dry skin on the face will make you feel uncomfortable and also not confident. This condition is not good if left continuously, because later your facial skin will become damaged.

Nothing wrong you try the benefits of avocado for beauty for your skin become moist and more well groomed. Inside the avocado contains vitamin E is very good to moisturize your skin.

The trick is very easy, because you live mixing avocado flesh, yoghurt, and also honey. Stir the ingredients until they are evenly mixed, then apply on your skin. After 15 minutes then rinse using clean water.
There is also another way if you do not want to use yogurt that is by mixing the meat of avocado with almond oil as much as 1 teaspoon.
How to apply it the same way as above.
By doing these treatments, guaranteed your facial skin will be much more moist and free from dry skin problems.

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A woman will feel insecure if you have a dull facial skin. Many factors that can cause dull skin, such as too often exposed to sunlight, the use of beauty products that do not match the skin, eat less vegetables and fruits, rarely clean the face, and so forth.

Benefits of avocado for this beauty can also be used to make your skin free of dull skin and make it brighter than before, namely by mixing the meat of a smooth avocado with honey as much as one teaspoon and lemon juice as much as one teaspoon.

After all the ingredients are well blended, apply the mask to your face and after 15 minutes then rinse with clean water.


Oily skin is often a problem for women. Where makeup results become imperfect if it has an oily face. Make-up is easily broken and damaged in a short time. Moreover if you include people who are active and often move here and there.

Surely this oily skin problem is very disturbing to you.
Well, to combat it try to use a natural way that is by utilizing the avocado for beauty.

How to make a mask that is by mixing half the meat of avocado with egg white and lemon. In order to be evenly mixed it is better to use a blender to mix it.

Apply the mask on your face and wait for about 15 to 20 minutes until the mask dries. After that, then rinse with clean water. You can also use other blends to eradicate excess oil on the face using avocados and tomatoes.

Actually not difficult to make the mask, the most important you want to try and have free time. Congratulations try it at home, hopefully this avocado mask is able to reduce excess oil on your face.

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