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Are you a fruit consume? However, are you familiar with the type of fruit called fruit langsat? Langsat fruit is one type of fruit that has the shape, the color of the fruit skin and also the structure of the fruit sanga similar to the fruit duku. But the difference between the fruit duku with fruit langsat is on the fruit, the fruit langsat tend to have a more acidic taste when compared with duku fruit. That's why this leafy fruit will not last long if it is stored in room temperature, in just a few days the fruit will rot. Unlike the duku fruit that can last long though stored at room temperature. Although it can not last long, but in terms of the benefits of this fruit is not inferior to fruit duku. Fruit langsat also contains many excellent essential nutrients and also very needed by the body to meet the daily nutritional needs of the body. Nutrition Ingredients And Nutritious Fruit In the fruit langsat there are various types of nutrients and nutrients that are good for health and even can overcome various health problems.

This is because, in every 100 g of fruit, langsat contains some nutritional nutrients.

-Calcium: 18 mg
-Mineral: 0.7 g
-Fosfor: 9 mg
-Protein: 1 g
-Carbohydrates: 13 g
-Fire Iron: 0.9 mg
-Calories: 10 cal
-Fat: 0.2 g
-Mineral: 0.7 g

Actually there are many other important nutritional content contained in fruit langsat, so this fruit langsat has a lot of benefits if consumed regularly and regularly. Curious, want to know what are the benefits ...? Let's look at the full review. Here are the benefits of the Body Fruits For Body Health that you can feel with a routine, every time you consume fruit langsat, including:
#. Overcoming Itching Due To Insect Bites
If you and your family are experiencing itching from an insect bite, then you can immediately treat it by using the fruit langsat. The trick is simply by rubbing this leafy fruit on the skin that has itching and let itching gone, then wash with clean water.
#. Treating Cancer
In addition to good consumed for the health of the body, it is also very good fruit langsat to help treat cancer. This is because, in the fruit similar to this duku fruit contains vitamin C, minerals and also natural fibers are very high. In addition, in this fruit also contains compounds that are proven to be very powerful to prevent cancer and stop the development of cancer in the body.
#. Keeping Body Fit Fit
By regularly consume these langsat fruit, can make the body stay fresh and fit throughout the day, this dikarenkaan fruit langsat rich in vitamin C content is very good to keep the body stamina stay fit and prime.
#. Increase Body Resistance
Fruit langsat also has a high vitamin C content, vitamin C is very good to help improve endurance so as not easy to fall ill and stricken with the disease.
#. Lower Fever
Because in fruit langsat, many contain nutrients and good to help reduce fever. In addition to the flesh, an effective fruit to help reduce fever is on the seeds of fruit. Instant fruit seeds can be processed to serve as a traditional drug ingredients to reduce fever quickly and safely without side effects / harmful.
How to make a fever medicinal ingredients from the seeds of fruit langsat quite easy and simple, you just need to dry the fruit seeds langsat. Once completely dry, mash the puree until smooth and brewed with hot water like making coffee but without using sugar or other sweeteners. Drink regularly 2 times a day until the fever heals.
#. Source Antioxidants
As one type of fruit that contains vitamin C, it is also a source of excellent antioxidants to help ward off dangerous free radical attacks. That is free radicals into the body dalalm can be one of the triggers of various types of dangerous diseases.
#. Treating Worms
If your child has worms, you can also use seeds from 8. Increase Body Resistance Fruit langsat also has a high vitamin C content, vitamin C is very good to help increase the immune system so as not easy to fall ill and stricken disease.buah langsat is to be used as a powerful natural worm medicine. The trick is the same way above, namely by way of dry, mashed and in brewed with hot water. Wait until the water is warm, then drink regularly 2 times a day. This natural worm medicine should only be given to children over 6 years of age and is not recommended to be given to infants or children under 6 years.
#. Good To Lose Weight
For those of you who are running a healthy diet program to lose weight, then to get the optimal results, you can add this fruit as one type of fruit that is good for consumption during the diet. In the fruit langsat contains excellent fiber to help launch the digestive system, so that the pile of fat in the intestine that can be one cause of excess weight can be reduced. In addition, consuming fruit langsat is also good for preventing various digestive disorders such as constipation and hard water big fruit.
#. Powerful To Get Rid Of Mosquitoes
In addition can be consumed and used as a drug to cope with various types of diseases, it is also effective fruit langsat used to repel mosquitoes. The trick is, first the skin of dried fruit langsat first, then burn like using commonly used mosquito coil.
#. Overcoming AnemiaBuah Disease
langsat also contains important minerals in the form of a very good iron and effective to help overcome anemia. By routinely consuming fruit langsat every day in sufficient quantities, then the body will produce red blood cells and various symptoms of anemia will gradually disappear and recover.
#. Strengthens Bones and Teeth
If you want to have healthy and strong bones and teeth, then you can consume these fruits regularly and regularly. Because inside the fruit langsat contains important minerals that are good for maintaining health and bone strength like calcium and also phosphorus. In addition, the two ingredients are believed and proven effective to help prevent bone and tooth loss.
#. Treating Dysentery
Perhaps in your mind there are still many who wonder, is it true this straight fruit is very effective to treat dysentery? The answer, is, "Yes, because in this straight fruit contains fiber and many other substances that are very effective to help relieve dysentery.To get the optimal benefits of this fruit, you can process it to serve as juice drinking. can be taken twice a day. This is from me about some of the benefits of healthy fruit for body health, hopefully with this information can increase the knowledge of the readers as well. Good luck and hopefully useful...!


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