Benefits of Tomato Fruits / Vegetables For Health

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Some Benefits of Tomato Fruits / Vegetables For Health

Tomatoes are beneficial to the health of the human body from preventing blood clots and strokes to as natural burning drugs.
Tomatoes can be consumed with juice. Not infrequently, sliced tomatoes are also placed on food, such as fried rice or other dish dishes. Some people do not like tomatoes, maybe because it's not sweet. Apart from that, there is no harm we eat tomatoes because so many benefits of tomatoes for our health.


Here are some of the benefits of tomatoes for health:

Sticking tomatoes to your face regularly will also make the face look glowing.

  1. If our skin is burning or itching, tomatoes can be an effective remedy for healing.

  2. Tomatoes contain antioxidants.Lycopene in tomatoes is effective in combating prostate cancer, cervical cancer, stomach cancer and so forth.

  3. Tomatoes can also reduce acne.

  4. Added cucumbers into the tomatoes will serve to reduce the oil on the skin.

  5. Tomatoes can protect the heartbecause in tomatoes a lot of cholesterol levels. Good Eating tomatoes regularly can reduce triglyceride levels in the blood that will help shape good cholesterol. Not only that, tomatoes can also prevent strokes and blood clots.

  6. Tomatoes are good for our lungs because they contain the coumaric acid and clogenic acid, so they can fight the nitrosames that appear in the body that are usually caused by cigarette smoke.

  7. If you have digestive disorders, diarrhea, and bile attacks, tomatoes can treat them. Tomatoes also reduce the danger of heart attacks.By adding 2-3 teaspoons of lime juice into the tomatoes, then it can help reduce the large pores in the skin.

  8. The content of vitamin A and minerals in tomatoes is also good for eye health and can cure night blindness.

  9. Tomatoes can also make the skin smooth and clean if we apply to the skin regularly.

  10. Vitamin C is also contained in tomatoes that are good for the health of the body.

  11. Tomato proved to be a good antiseptic, they can protect the body from infection.

  12. Tomatoes are also rich in potassium, which certainly helps maintain healthy nerves and iron.

  13. Tomatoes can reduce the formation of gallstones, low hypertension, and prevent urinary tract infections.


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