Benefits Of Fruits For The Body

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So many benefits of salak fruit that can bring goodness for the health of the human body.
In Latin, salak is called sallaka edulis, while in America and Europe this fruit is called snake fruit because of skin shape resembling snake scales. According to some surveys, salak that grows only in the tropics is not as famous as apples, oranges, or bananas because there are still many who do not know the benefits contained in the bark for health of the body.
What are the nutrients in the fruits ...?


The following nutritional content information in the wrong fruit:



-Protein: 0.8 g

-Calcium: 38 mg

-Carbohydrates: 90.3 g

-Energy: 368 kk

-Features: 0.4 g

-Fosfor: 31 mg

-Field iron: 3.9 mg

-Vitamin B: 6.7 mg

-Vitamin C: 8.9 mg



Here are some benefits of fruits for the health of our bodies.

a. Rich in fiber

Myth says that eating too much will make defecating difficult. In fact, the epidermis of bark contains fiber that the body needs, which actually facilitates digestion. So try the bark of the fruit of bark not to be wasted.

b. Improving the immune system

The content of vitamin C in bark boosts the body's immune to viral diseases.

c. Treating diarrhea

Salak contains tannins that have been widely known as a treatment of diarrhea.

d. Maintain eye health

According to some research results, salak contains betakarotin five times more than carrots, tomatoes, mango and watermelon. So if you do not like carrots, can use bark as an alternative fruit to meet the needs of eye health.

e. Improve the intelligence of the brain

The results also show that the fruit is able to improve brain performance by bringing the pottasium and pectin content, which can nourish some nerves and able to smooth and control blood circulation to the brain.

f. Prevent the growth of cancer

This fruit is also rich in antioxidants that can prevent the growth of cancer-causing cancer cells.

g. Helping the process of dieting

Carbohydrate content is high enough to be able to withstand hunger while running a diet program.

However, unfortunately salak is not intended for patients with gastritis and typhoid because some of its content is not good for patients. But apart from that, you can consume salak anytime. In fact, it will be more delicious again if made as pickles or chips salak for everyday snacks.
Such is my review of the benefits of bark for health. Hopefully this information is useful for you. Good luck…!



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