Benefits Of Apples For Health

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• Benefits of apples

Apples or Malus domestica are fruits that originally came from Central Asia, but along with the development of the apple has now spread evenly throughout the World. Apples are fruits that are identical to the color of red fruit skin. Almost everyone is certainly familiar with the round shape and has a distinctive taste. Because apples are classified into fruits, apples contain a variety of nutrients and vitamins that play an important role in improving the quality of health.


Some Nutritional Content In Apple Fruit.

Here are the nutritional / nutritional content found in apples per 100g:

• Protein: 03g

• Calcium: 6g

• Vitamin A: 90g

• Vitamin C: 5g

• Let: 04g

• Air: 84.1g

• Fire Iron: 0.3g

• Calories (cal): 58g

• etc.


Here are Some Apple Fruit Manfats

• Prevents heart attacks and lowers high blood pressure

Apples can be useful to prevent heart disease and can lower blood pressure. This is because apples can prevent cholesterol in the body.

• Prevent diarrhea and constipation

The benefits of apples can also be to prevent diseases of the digestive system such as diarrhea and constipation. The fiber content in high apples is able to help launch the digestive system. So it can overcome digestive system disorders such as diarrhea and constipation.

• Reduce the risk of cancer

Benefits of apples one of them is to prevent cancer attacks. This is because, the content called flavonoids that can be useful to counteract various types of cancer attacks that can at times attack your body.

• Preventing diabetes

This is because, apple skin contains phenolic compounds. For that is advisable, to wash the outside of the apple with water flowing, before you bite the apple and skin.

• Maintain dental health

By consuming regularly, apples can stimulate the production of saliva in the mouth. So as to prevent the incubation of teeth and can keep your teeth healthy.

• Clearer vision

With regular consumption of apples every day can play a major role to prevent the arrival of various eye health problems one of them cataracts.

• Prevents dehydration

Apple can be useful to prevent dehydration or lack of body fluids. 85% of apple content consists of water. By consuming apples, you can avoid dehydration.

• Boost the immune system

The content of antioxidants in apples called quercetin can be useful to boost the immune system of the body, so that someone is not susceptible to diseases, especially when the weather is not friendly.

• Ward off free radicals

On the skin of apples can produce a substance called quercetin. Quercetin substances are a kind of substance that serves to ward off free radical attacks and can also serve to fight premature aging.

Thus from me some of the amazing benefits of apples for our health that we should know.
Good luck...!



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