Stress burden, which negatively impacts our normal life!

in health •  3 months ago

Stress is not a deadly thingamijig, but it affects the way we react rather harmful. Actually that is it. Stress differently on individual basis. Someone may get angry, someone will get sorrow, someone get scared. In the same situation, people come to terms with each other's feelings. So, considering the level of stress or what has happened, the specific person should be analyzed in the context of what is being felt in the context of that incident. Stress is the person's feeling of personal feeling in terms of that particular incident. Stress also has some physical reactions. Therefore, if yeh hae suffered from mental strokes, now be aware of y'r physical reactions. Stress reaction is psycho-physical. That means stresses the body whilst being stressed.
How are physical reactions?
One Stress will cause tension in the nerves and blood hormones will emanate. As a result, blood pressure and heartbeat increases. Increasing levels of blood bloater and sugar in the continuation of the physical response of strokes.
Two The chemicals produced by the stress r metabolized in the body. The initial push of strokes is bleedin' dangerous 4 the mind. The pressure on the mind, the more serious the negative reaction will be. If this incident happens again and again, then yeh can be a victim of strokes. Three If stress is not released by proper exercise and relaxation, then these harmful chemicals will be stored in the body. It will cause memory loss, the body's immune system will become weak. Also, the ability to adapt to any situation will be reduced. So, give emphasize on removing stress and physical activity and exercise help keep the mood up and remove the stress.0312stress.jpg

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