Lies Force Your Emotional Body Out of Balance. To Love Yourself Requires Being Completely Honest. White Lies Are NOT Benign.

in health •  4 months ago

Part of being balanced and loving yourself unconditionally is always being honest - since being dishonest forces your emotional body and psychology out of balance and out of alignment. When others resist your 'radical' honesty and find it to be a problem, it is generally because they themselves are intending to be dishonest and they feel an imagined threat by the full truth coming out.

Even so called 'white lies' are denials that block the truth and can be felt. While many deceive ourselves into defining that 'white lies' aren't even lies because they stop us 'hurting feelings' - the reality is that by denying the truth in any situation, we cause disharmony that needs to be felt to be understood. Those who can feel will notice that we are being dishonest and this may actually hurt them more than the truth would hurt them. The truth has a power that allows us to connect to things as they are, which allows them to be understood and for us to adapt and learn whatever needs to be learned to make the best decisions and to grow with balance. Denial and deception prevents this healthy process.

Think of it this way - why would you think that someone who would lie to others would be in a better position to 'manage' the other person's emotions than the person themselves would? By being truthful, we give responsibility for real emotions to the other person and they get to grow and be themselves. By being deceptive we are attempting to control the other person's emotional state and are effectively stating that we ourselves are more 'right' to be the one deciding on the emotions of the other person! Even 'white lies' demonstrate quite serious flaws in thinking within the thinker!

Thinking with the heart and feeling with the mind

How does your heart FEEL to know that it/you can nearly always safely tell the truth?
How does it feel to think that you must always lie, just to survive?

The former feels open, good and happy in me. The latter feels closed, painful and fearful in me.

Thankfully, the only situation where you may actually need to lie is where you are being asked for information that can be used to kill you and outside of medical situations it is rare to be asked for such things and in any case, rogue people in medical settings have an abundance of available tools that can kill anyway - whether you help them or not.

How would our world be and feel when we all realise that our lies and denials mostly do nothing but cause harm?

Wishing you well,

Ura Soul

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@ura-soul What you think on my thoughts too:

Emotional imbalance. Emotional imbalance as a situation where any one are the Not the Right Situation to control Over Emotions

Emotional imbalance

1. When they feel neglected

2. Feel oppressed but couldn't do anything

3. Wrong impression

For suicidal people/For people not suicidal

How can you identify people with emotional imbalance?

  1. If they were extroverts.
  2. The Speaking Way of their you think he is Mad Hah-aha...
  3. They Complains any thing or any one.
  4. They didn't Focus on Study or any work they doing..

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There are many misunderstandings about emotional balance. Emotions can only be balanced when they are free to express as they are. Most people have only ever experienced emotions that have been controlled and so they do not really know how free, balanced emotions look and feel.

Control over emotions is itself out of balance. Instead, it is possible to lovingly accept emotions and allow them to safely express - free from judgement, blame and guilt.

Thinking that someone is 'mad' does not mean they are emotionally imbalanced, it just means that you are using judgements in your own thought process, instead of asking deeper questions.

Complaining is not a sign of emotional imbalance, though it may be a sign of emotional response where something really does need to change. If you keep stamping on my toes I will complain (or do more) - this does not imply that the imbalance is in me (the imbalance is probably in you).

you are right @ura-soul . the truth will always set is free

Excellent reflections. In spite that I try to always tell the truth, I hadn't gone so deep as you have in this topic.
-- Thanks for this useful article. truth.jpg