Doubling Human Lifespan Through Meditation, Calorie Restriction, Vegetarianism/Veganism & High Nutrification? Two Doctors Explain How They Are Doing It.

in health •  9 months ago

Long ago I chose to fully support life and to to what is needed to end the suffering of myself and all living beings. I have learned along the way that some are not yet ready to end their suffering - they are so strongly in denial of themselves. For those who are ready to live, rather than die - the issue of how to do just that is paramount.. How do we stop dying?

I absolutely reject the false claim that 'death is part of life' and that 'death is inevitable'. Saying that death is part of life is like saying that black is part of white or that cold is part of warm. They may be on a spectrum that can be identified, but we do not get one by having it's opposite.

deeper truth

Without going into full depth as to what I understand to be the mechanics of life and death - plus how to heal our psychology and emotions such that we are greatly strengthened in the ending of death, I want to touch on some more physical aspects that have been better studied scientifically. Specifically, nutrition and its effects on the body and longevity.

There are two Doctors here (not 'medical' Doctors, but Doctors in different fields) who are using their own understanding of the body, self and biology to change their own metabolisms such that they slow down ageing. They both state publicly that they expect to die at some point, however.

Dr. Courtney Brown - Farsight Institute

Dr. Brown's biography explains that he has a background in social/political science and mathematics.

courtney brown

He is best known for his work with the Farsight Institute, which is probably the best known public research group into the field of psychic remote viewing. They have many videos on Youtube that demonstrate their abilities, including numerous monthly videos where they predict the most newsworthy stories of the NEXT month, before they occur. Of all of these predictive videos that I have seen, they have been mostly accurate in all of them.

In this new video, Courtney explains that for the last 35 years, he has been experimenting with calorie restriction and high supplementation to attempt increase his health and double his life span. He has combined this with daily meditation (2.5 hours) and some jogging a few times a week. He states that he is now in his mid sixties and can still jog the same as he did in his twenties. He also states that his key cognitive, physical and sexual functions are just the same as they were when much younger.

He considers that his body is at an age of about 45.

Dr. Nun S. Amen Ra

Dr. Amen Ra is a unique character indeed! His biography shows he holds a Doctorate in Public Health (Epidemiology) from Morgan State University and a Masters in Gerontology (tudy of the social, cultural, psychological, cognitive, and biological aspects of ageing.) from the same university. He was also world record holder for the deadlift in his weight category - he has a very strong body!

amen ra

Currently he is a science teacher in Baltimore and also teaches his ascetic method of age extension to interested parties. (He is also the only person I have ever seen write in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics by pen as if it were his first language, but I digress).

Dr. Amen Ra has long practised a form of combining intermittent fasting with a low calorie diet of specifically chosen foods that deliver high nutrition. This is, overall, similar to Dr. Brown's approach - except that Dr. Amen Ra's approach is much more detailed and involves specifically, not eating for most of the day. He fasts for 23 hours each day and has one large meal every evening.

At the time of filming the following video, I think he was around 55 years old and he appears, physically, to be around 35 years old at that time. His recent photos on Facebook show he has not aged visibly since this video was filmed.

My Comment

I am not medically trained and am only now learning about bio chemistry, so I am limited in what I can say here - however, I think that it is clear that what has passed for 'the best understandings' about the body for a long time has been deeply lacking.. So maybe it is better that I am not academically trained!

Thankfully, we all have the ability to test out ideas relating to health in our own lives and I have adapted my diet already to include most of the tips recommended by these two, although I can certainly meditate more and also fast and exercise more too. I will likely do that in the near future. In my experience, all of these things do indeed increase wellbeing substantially, reduce cases of illness drastically and will likely slow down ageing greatly too.

What is missing from both of their accounts is knowledge of emotional healing and the associated psychological alignment that comes with it. It is my understanding hat ageing and death cannot be overcome without these key processes being undertaken too. However, I can certainly see and feel that right nutrition is a valuable part of the process too. It is the case that our body and psychology can essentially be pointing in one of two directions - either towards habits, addictions, denial, toxic food, denutrification, illness, dysfunction and disease or towards liberation, free will, truth, honesty, integrity, clean food, complete nutrification, health and wellbeing. I am pretty clear that the diet choices made by these two doctors, provided their feelings are aligned with them and there is no denial - will benefit most of us too.

Wishing you well,

Ura Soul

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Wow. I've learnt a great deal from this post


yes, youve learned how to self upvote a shit comment ;-)

What about the first picture of Sam Brown


thanks - wasn't aware of who the artist was for that, i am following along there now.

I am also very interested in the questions of ageing and death, and getting some clarity with all of the misinformation around. Eating innapropriate foods, or just food at all seems to be a main cause of death. Have you looked much into pranic living? That seems to me to be related to physical longevity.

Totally agree with you that our emotional and psychological state (and energetic state) will have a huge impact on health and longevity. I'm reading a book at the moment called 'breaking the death habit' that you might find useful. The Author Leonard Orr claims that by having enough prana in the body we can live indefinitely and do cool things like dematerialise and rematerialise at will.

This longevity stuff is verging into the yogic sciences, and that seems to be where my research is taking me

I think for sure we could live atleast twice as long as we currently are, it will require a great deal of purification though


Yes, I am aware of breatharianism, there is a good documentary on it called "In the beginning there was light". I have never met someone who lives that way in person, however, I already know that the 'rules of science' do not really apply to the degree that many people think they do - so I am open to that possibility.
Our core essence is not dense and has no need to ingest matter from other beings.

Leaving Earth at will is an ability that we will recover at some point. ;)


I have seen the free excerpt from that documentary on youtube! It is very convincing. There is also a youtuber called Ray Maor who runs breatharian intiations, they did a documentary called The Light Generation documenting his 10 day process (link here).

I am hoping to personally explore this, and perhaps do one of Ray's intiations when I collected sufficient funds and have taken my own diet to a highly refined place where that would be the next step.

Yes! Dying is one way to leave the planet, but why not also just dematerialise? :)

Aging and death can greatly be controlled to a large extent by the foods we eat based on their nutritional content and calorie levels and also if we all fully involved in daily physical exercise to help burn out unnecessary fats and removes wasteful toxins from our systems.

Being health means to eat healthy foods that is low in fats and also been involved in regular exercise to keep our heart and cardio systems active and healthy at all time. i started practicing meditation and some yoga practice and it has greatly help me to become smarter and younger also @ura-soul


Yoga and meditation are very helpful achieving balance yes. I am still learning about nutrition, in terms of ratios of fats, proteins and carbohydrates - there are some Doctors who completely contradict what others say and give detailed scientific reasons as to why, for example, a high fat diet is just fine. I'm not sure I like the idea of a high fat diet, so for now I am just sticking to plant based nutrition and it is working well for me.

He fasts for 23 hours each day and has one large meal every evening.

wow that sounds difficult to achieve, in my case I have a regular diet and I consume 3 meals a day (breakfast, lunch and dinner), I can imagine switching to just 1 daily meal must have a strong impact in everyone. But the guy looks very healthy and since he is an expert he surely knows what he is doing.

I think if people have a good mental and physical health, it can be indeed possible to keep on living longer than what could be considered as normal.

Cheers @ura-soul!

But if you spend 4 hours a day for instance, simply working on extending your life, you need to live an extra 16.67% longer than you would have done to recoup your time investment.
Does attempting to extend life span really lead to more fulfillment or simply stop you living happily in the now because youre too busy contemplating what may or may not happen in the future ?
Dont you think natural lifespans are natures way of maintaining balance ?
If humans doubled their life expectancy, how would the planet cope with the additional resource requirements ?
Without death, life doesnt exist by definition
We're all just food for worms. Dont let the worms die of starvation!


Courtney Brown is talking about 3 hours maximum, if you include the exercise. Many people spend more time than that each day in traffic or on a train!
If you double your life span, then it would be worthwhile 'time investment' anyway and you will likely feel better and enjoy life more as a result too.

Does attempting to extend life span really lead to more fulfillment or simply stop you living happily in the now because youre too busy contemplating what may or may not happen in the future ?

I don't see why life extension contradicts living in the now. What is stopping you from doing what is needed to extend your life and remaining in the now moment? Both of these guys specifically meditate.

Dont you think natural lifespans are natures way of maintaining balance ?

Death is not natural or balanced and in fact, death is the result of imbalance.

If humans doubled their life expectancy, how would the planet cope with the additional resource requirements ?

Many families in poor areas have many children specifically because they know that some will die. The more stable our life is, the less pressure we have to create more people. We are not entirely stupid creatures and will adapt as our environment changes. We can stop our robotic programming. ;)

Without death, life doesnt exist by definition

I think then that you have the wrong definition for life ;)


Well, I guess it depends our aims in life. Some people have enough difficulty coping with the life they have.
I guess this goes in some part to answering Queen's rhetorical question; 'Who wants to live for ever?'


There is far too much misanthropic thought in the 21st century.

Have you looked at C60 @ura-soul? Wondering your thoughts on it. I've recently ordered everything I need to do a fat suspension of it along with about 10 grams of the powder (not cheap!).


No, that's a new one for me. I'd be interested to learn of the outcome of your experimentation!


Check out this post and the associated video if you want to learn more.

People like Cliff High are deep into the rabbit hold of the research and self experimentation. It shows ~X2 lifespan extension when fed to adult rats who are genetically programmed for death.

The basic lowdown is that they are buckyballs, the perfect size to fit into many parts of you body on a molecular level. And they are greedy for things like free radicals. Massively greedy. The exact method(s) by which they extend lifespan is mostly speculated at this time but I'm putting myself on a steady high dosing of the stuff suspended in coconut oil (it has to be stirred in a fat for two weeks to make it bio-available). My setup should make 1 liter every two weeks, more than enough to share with the people in my life who need it the most.

Science has really reached above par, we are'nt only incomplete without it but also as good as dead.

great learn post. thanks for @ura-soul

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Wow i really leant alot this is really informative. Thanks