Keep juveniles alive

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It is not just food, since ancient times garlic has been used as a medicine. Garlic is used to cure diseases from almost all diseases in the world. But you know, there is no substitute for garlic to retain the brightness of the skin as well as retaining the skin. How a Koa will return to losing juvenile, a media release said. Let's know about it ... .1. Most women suffer from acne problems. They used different methods to get rid of this problem. But there is no substitute for garlic to get rid of acne at a very short time. Put one koya garlic juice on the acne and wash it for five minutes. After a few days you will be surprised to see the results. Make a mixture with one Kua garlic and half tomatoes.

Wash the mixture with the face and wash it with water for 10 minutes. Tane will go and see if your skin is shining. Many women became stomach stomach after the birth of the child. When wearing sari, it does not look good at all. Many problems have to be considered during this problem when wearing sari. You know, this problem can also be released from one of the Koa garlic. Mix olive oil with olive oil and use it for a few days. Many people have red-red spots on their skin. Squirrel extends in the form of grains. Sometimes these stains can be seen in hands, elbows or even with their face sometimes. To get rid of this problem, garlic gourds .5. This is the use of garlic to get relief from skin problems. But know, not only skin problems, but one can bring back the lost youth to a koa garlic. Mix a mixture of honey and lemon juice with a quart of garlic every morning. You will see, 40 perels of age, if you look at it, you will feel year-round bitter.

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