How much water should I drink daily?

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If the water does not have the body! Water is essential to keep our cellular activities properly. Water is essential for maintaining body temperature, to remove harmful substances from the body through the rectum, to control digestion, control blood pressure, to protect the flexibility of the limb, and above all to preserve the brain. Besides, the role of water to maintain age and skin tension is undeniable. In other words, our body will be stuck without water.
How much water should each drink daily? Usually every three to three liters of water should be consumed every day. However, depending on the type of climate that is living in the climate, depending on the kind of work, the habit and amount of water depends on it. Summertime people are sweating people in the country. As a result, a lot of water left the body. On the other hand, those who live in the temperate country, their sweat is less. The amount of water they drink must be less than the people living in the hot summer country. Some people still live in the AC all day. The sweat does not drop from the body, one-sided. However, some people have to work under the influence of sweating in the sun during the day. Normally the people of this class have to drink a little more water.
If the temperature increases to 45 degrees, drink 6 to 7 liters of water daily. Recently, such a message is shared with social media and WhatsApp. How accurate is this information? Is it possible to drink 6 to 7 liters of water daily? Whatever the outside temperature-why, if sweat is too high, four liters of water can be used for drinking. There is no real reason to drink more water.

The Chhotaaras also roamed outside and ran. How much water do they need to drink in the summer? Smaller means how small it is, it will be seen. Generally speaking about school children. Schoolgoing kids will have to drink at least two to three and a half liters of water. But be careful that they do not eat water from where they are. In that case, there is danger of water borne diseases.

The responsibility of the government in all developed countries of the world is to provide pure water to the people. There is no place to reach any home in this country! There is also a big challenge to provide clean water. Regular observation is done in the developed countries where water is supplied from the sources of the city. Even according to the rules laid down by the World Health Organization, the quality of the water is tested. Where is the system of surveillance in our country? As a result, there are water borne diseases such as hepatitis, hepatitis-E, typhoid, cholera, diarrhea among people of this country. Due to surveillance, these diseases are less visible in people of developed countries and there is more in this country.

There is only one way to get pure water very easily. Drinking water. Water should be raised in the night. Bacteria in the water will die. Then put the water in a bowl all night and cool it. As a result, the inorganic substances in the water will stoop under the water. Keeping the bottom part of the water in the containers in the morning will continue to smash the rest. Besides, those who have the water purifiers can afford to keep their reverse osmosis technically equipped water purifiers. However, this method is costly and a lot of water is wasted. The common purifiers have the ability to contain dirty but there is no mechanism for the destruction and prevention of microbes.

Many people think that if drinking water before eating, food helps in digestion. There is no such thing. Many people drink a lot of water before they eat every time they become lean. Because of this, you can not eat extra food even if you want to drink but after drinking at least half an hour after eating it is beneficial to food digestion.

Some people say that drinking water at the time of food or food is not good digestion. There is no such restriction. Drink plenty of water while eating food. It is difficult, many people rush in due to lack of time. Swallowed food with water. This is not a good practice. Digested food will only be digested if digested. Because of the presence of enzymes from various glands in the mouth while eating, the food is mixed. In addition, various acids, stomach and digestive enzymes are harmed. If they drink plenty of water to eat food, their effectiveness will be obstructed.

Many people say that it does not eat and drink water. However, there is no reason to separate. The result is actually food. Digestive digestive acids, enzymes will be mixed with food. For that reason many people forbidden water after eating the fruit. But to drink a little water. If you drink very little water, you will get fatigue very quickly, any problems like constipation will occur. Problems with digestion, weight gain, quick recovery, nervous diseases, kidney, heart problems - can lead to various diseases.
It is not good to eat more water, such as eating less water. Anything extra is bad on the body. If you drink excess water for a long time, there is a risk of developing hypothyroidism, loss of sodium potassium balance, abdominal and liver problems, and whole body cells swelling with the brain. Besides, increased pressure on the heart, kidney work increases. If there is such a long, there is danger of heart and kidney disease.

Drink water due to heart and kidney problems and follow the doctor's advice. If the kidneys are particularly ill, then the patient will have to drink water by calculating all day. Someone loves to drink cold water, no one is hot water again People used to drink warm water in China before the people.


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