Diabetes can be eaten sweet fruits!

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Very useful fruit applet for type-2 diabetes. Keeping an apple in the day keep your diabetes away from other diseases
The number of people currently suffering from diabetes is not low. Diabetes Long-Term Disorders If enough insulin is not released from pancreas, or if the digestive insulin becomes resistant then diabetes is present. Needless to say, if diabetes is infected, dietary specials are to be given. And when diabetic patients come to the context of sweet food and fruit, they are hesitant.
If it is said that diabetes can be eaten sweet fruit, then it will be a little surprised! But yes, there is no harm in playing glycemic index (GI) with very low amount of fruits. This will prevent excessive intake of sugar in the blood. Find out which sweet fruits are safe to eat.
Papaya: Papaya contains natural anti-oxidants. The best choice of diabetes patients is the fruit. Diabetes patients may be infected if cardiovascular levels are uncontrolled. May cause neurological damage. From the papaya prevention and prevention of cell damage, the long days.
Guava: Fruit is not comparable to snack. There is a lot of dietary fiber in the low-glacial index para. It eliminates constipation and reduces the risk of type-2 diabetes.
Vedana: There are plenty of anti-oxidants in the pain. Free radicals and long-term illness ensure the body's safety. Grainy fruits are rich in phytonotrient content.
Watermelon: According to the conventional idea, it is a sugar product. Find out, in the summer, the fruits of diabetes prevent kidney damage. High potassium fruit watermelon handles kidney function efficiently Due to Lycopene, it does not cause neurological damage to patients with diabetes.
Apple: It's a very good result for type-2 diabetes. Take one apple of the day with other diseases, keep diabetes away from you.
Grapes: There is a phytochemical called Reservatral in Grape. It controls blood sugar levels. At the same time, the grapes are also good for mental well-being.
Strawberry: Strawberry with a disease preventable. It has very low GI. Cancer resistant sweet results in improving metabolism and reducing weight.
Citrus fruit: Diabetes citrus fruits do not stop eating. Because of the abundance of anti-oxidants, orange, malta, grapefruit, lemon etc. play a significant role in preventing the disease.
Good to know
Seasonal fruits, which are the result of the season, make the body resistant disease in that season. Any fruit should be eaten between morning and afternoon meals or between lunch and dinner. Spread a pinch of cinnamon powder on the cut fruit in blood sugar control. Many people love to eat fruit juice. In that case, instead of the fruits of the fruit bought, eat fresh fruits at home. Of course, it is better to eat fruit than fruit juice. If the juice is broken, the fiber in the fruit is broken. Other nutrients are also lost.


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