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Small fruits olive tea However, as the taste of the fruit, there are a lot of nutrients that help digest food. This fruit of winter helps reduce the risk of stomach, thirst, large, colon cancer as well. According to the season, the olive market is easily available in the market. Nutritionists advised to eat healthy diet without eating this fruit, and then see if nutritionists say about olive quality - reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease.
Antioxidants present in olive oil reduces blood cholesterol levels and reduces the risk of heart disease. So doctors advised to eat regular olive oil. Cancer prevention
Black olive is a major source of Vitamin E, which keeps body's unusual weight control. Not only that, olive oil contains monosaturated fat, which prevents uncommon formation of cells. This reduces the risk of cancer. Takes care of skin and hair
Black olive oil contains fatty acids and anti-oxidants that work on skin and hair care. The olive oil is strong in the hair at the base of the hair. It eliminates the problem of hair fall. Olive Vitamin E brings smoothness to the skin. Apart from skin cancer, olive oil survives. Due to the sun's ultraviolet rays, the damage to the skin also prevents olive oil. Reduces bone loss
Anti-inflammatory, vitamin E and polyphenal present in the olive-rich monosaturated fat, which protects against asthma and arthritis. Many people have bone loss due to age. Olive oil from this bone rubbing. Patias help
Regular eating olive oil reduces the risk of colon cancer. Olives help in digestion of food. Not only this, gastric and alasarera to save the hands of these fruits. Olive oil contains a lot of fiber, which helps in metabolism. Large sources of iron
Black olive oil is a big source. The red blood cells of the cocaine transport oxygen. But if there is lack of iron in the body, there is a lack of oxygen in the body. As a result, the body becomes weak. Olive oil keeps body enzymes intensified. Looks good
Appeared on olive vitamins. Olives, working on medicines for those whose eyes are sensitive to light and dark. This olive oil also removes germs from the eyes, the eyes rise, and the problem of infection in the eyes.
Prevent infection
Regular olive oil is beneficial for doing gallstheal bile. Consequently, the tendency of stone to fall into the gallstath. This oil does not contain fat or cholesterol. So effective to reduce weight. Any cut-torn, which contributes to good. Olive is very beneficial for fever, sneezing, scraping well. As a result there is no pest of infection and contagious diseases. Increases immunity
Olive is also rich in natural anti-oxidants, which destroys the body's cancer germs and increases the immune system twice as much.


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