All the diseases in clove Sarabha

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Cloves are near the hand in the kitchen Cloves can easily prevent several illnesses. These are quite easily available.
Doctors also believed in the benefits of cloves. We use cloves in different types of food, but if we put two pieces of cloves in the mouth outside the cooking, its benefits are also less.
Cobra alone can manage many diseases? Keep this in mind if you know about it.
Dental problems
Suffer from dental problems? Clove oil is very beneficial to reduce the pain of this disease. Keeping a few pieces of clot on the face, its juice reduces the pain of reaching the top of the tooth.
According to the doctors, this pain reduces due to the ugliness of clotting. Viral Fever also came very useful to the clown.
If you have fever, then medicines will take you. But there is no pair of cloves as the diet. In a light hot water, mix two or two drops of cloves, or a few pieces of cloves. Add honey with it This drink comes in the warm balance of body temperature balance.
Cold fever
If cold fever comes in the fever, it can cure the body quickly. It can be eaten with cloves in hot water for fattening. Cold fever will be good.
When the nausea comes, keep the clot, the mouth, the cloves of beta carotene and Vanillin are responsible for the aroma. So if you put a face in the face of nausea, it will be easily removed, it will be easily removed.
Cloves oil
Cloves are very beneficial to get rid of mucus. Apart from eating cloves oil in hot water, adding cloves to different domestic methods, it is possible to easily eliminate colds and cough problems.


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