26 quality of szina leaf

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If we have a slight sneeze cough
Ran to the doctor. But
Something like that in our nature
The ingredients that play are the diseases
Is cured. This is an element
Sagina. At our hands
Available Sajina and its leaf 24
There are quality qualities, all of which are
Useful for our health.

  1. If the amount of blood is reduced in the body, boil the sajanadana with water and removes the stomach in your stomach and stomach. But need to eat regularly for a few days.
    Rules for making katha: Spread the stems of gram in 100 grams and boil it in 400 milliliters of water. If there is a cup of water to boil, then the pot must be kept from the fire. It should be eaten if it is completely cold.
  2. Blood pressure: Sodium salt, which means 'sodium chloride', is very harmful for blood pressure patients. On the other hand, 'potassium salt' does not cause any harm. There is no sodium chloride to stem. Therefore, it is controlled by blood pressure.
  3. Resistance to spring diseases: There is no possibility of having two stems in the spring and the flowers and fried or curd leaves and water.
  4. According to Ayurveda, the roots of the saffron and the stimulants.
  5. Protein acts as a stimulant for nitrogen, digestion and heart and blood flow.
  6. Aquatic extracts of root bud are beneficial for neurological weakness, abdominal pain and hysteria treatment.
  7. Sazina Fruit Essence Beneficial in Tumor and Spleen Sick Bouters and Paralysis
  8. Sazina Bichir is used as a massage in the treatment of oil arthritis.
  9. The juice of the juice of sagina mixed with milk and urine is propagated. Its juice is preventive and urine.
  10. Sazina's stems are used by paramedical diseases as domestic insecticides and pesticides. Its gum cervical.
  11. When the gazelle gum is mixed with gum milk, the head rests on the forehead and is given in the subgenre garden.
  12. The use of decoration as an insecticide is very important. Playing the root and the pancake juice regularly after 3/4 days, the worms are released.
  13. It also increases the capacities of blood transfusion. The arrangement of the raw leaf juice regularly adjusts the blood pressure gradually becomes normal. According to Myanmar doctors, fresh juice of sagina leaves will be reduced by one week after playing 2/3 tablespoons just prior to the meal. But those who have diabetes do not use it.
  14. Sagina sikar katha is used in milk, asthmatics, gout, arthritis and other common rheumatism with milk.
  15. Playing with safflower, garlic, greenish, salt and peppercorn, the dog is ruined and if plated in the evil place, the flower gets reduced in 5/6 days and the fever will ease.
  16. The pain of the bark is mixed with the juice of the molasses.
  17. If mixed with 15 grams of juice of 250 gram leaves, then mixing with sambandh salt will be a great relief.
  18. Szina leaves are affected by influenza fever and painful flux.
  19. Combination of sagina shaker, lemon juice and waterfowl is a refractory and stimulant.
  20. The pain of the bark is mixed with the juice of the molasses.
  21. The root of the root of the bark reduces the fungus. But should not be used every day.
  22. Due to the mucus, if the toothache is swollen, the leaf slows down the mouth and the flower gets reduced.
  23. Malnutrition is one of the reasons for blindness. A lot of Indian royal commonwealth society for blind to prevent blindness advised to eat vitamin K rich leaves.
    24 Salted leaf bark is particularly beneficial for acids. Seedling barks, millet hartakari dana and yoyan mixed together in a pan, mixing small pellet in the form of cool bichi will dry and dry in the sun. They will give lemon juice without water during the bowl. If there is constipation, take a pillow with hot water before sleeping at night. You will get the benefit of acid disease. If there is no constipation, use cold water.
  24. If any part of the body is reddish in the spleen or spleen, then ginger and salted bark can be relieved.
  25. If you have a hikka, eat 2/4 of the juice and drink it with juice of 2 to 3 times.

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