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According to James Clear, in as much as we humans like to think of ourselves as rational persons, we're not. One way or the other, we're irrational. Humans think they've made series of well-considered logical decisions, which is true but sometimes we've made decisions thinking irrationally from our own perspective and in a biased way.

I personally have made several mistakes while making decisions which may have sounded okay back then but now, seems regretful and embarrassing. For instance, I was introduced to Steemit long time ago by a friend while I was still writing for Sitepoint and I mentally dismissed the thought, thinking of Steemit as a waste of time and not even going as much as checking it out, even for once. If I had looked at it from my friends perspective and had just paid the tiniest bit of attention to it, I might not be struggling so much now. It's not like I ignored my friend or I was not serious, it was just a mental error on my part. Not really giving something a thought before dismissing it.


Our brains sometimes channel into feeling we've made the best decisions based solely on our own perspective and not really paying attention to other people's opinion. Its good to do what you want and not listen to others, but sometimes, most especially when making decisions, it is advisable to view things in ways different from yours. When we believe something, we tend to research on things pertaining to our beliefs. We read articles, we read news about things that are happening "in the world" but the truth is we only read what the news covers, we don't see what really happens in the world around us. We read about successful people and follow their footsteps, which is good, but not everything works for everybody, not every problem needs one solution. Even our fingers are not equal.

Yes, Bill Gate, Mark Zuckerberg, and few other prominent figures dropped out of school to pursue their dreams, but that doesn't mean ALL entrepreneurs should drop out, no. Schooling might be of great use to some. Until people start to think this way, their numbers of mistakes might keep on increasing. Looking at this instance, the mental error, in this case, is "Mark dropped out of school and he's one of the richest men in the world. Hell, even the richest man in the world IS a dropout, so I don't really need school." This can be a very terrible mistake. And when trying to encourage ourselves, we research on "successful dropouts" instead of "how to be successful".

Better Ways to Avoid Mistakes Before Making Decisions


Decision making happens every day, making choices and all that. They affect our daily lives and make us what we are. Here are some of the best ways I've put together to help us make the best decisions especially for our business.

1. Always consider every information you get, valuable. No information is a waste. Lack of consideration cost me Steemit, thank God it's not too late. Don't ignore any information you get that might improve your business. You don't have to put your everything into it, just a little check-out is okay to confirm if you really need to use that information or not.

2. Don't always go with the public. Sometimes, generalism can be deceiving.

3. Don't make a decision with a biased state of mind and using events of yesterday to judge your today decision.

4. Apply your learned lesson from previous mistakes for making new ones

5. Fear is good, but only a minimal amount of fear is needed. Not all decisions will be successful. Don't wait for every piece of information, use only the relevant ones

6. Lastly, Pray about it. God knows what's best for you.

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