Clinic Gives Away Thousands of Free Float Sessions to Veterans Recovering from PTSD

in #health4 years ago

Since 2015, True REST Float Spa has given away almost 3,000 free float sessions to US active-duty military and veterans.


The float sessions, in which an individual lies still on top of a specialized Epsom salts water solution with zero stimulation, are emerging as a new form of holistic treatment for PTSD. Floating in water that is the same temperature as the air with no sense stimulation creates a weightless sensation, and the spinal cord and nervous system can relax.

On the 11th of every month, the spa chain offers free, 60-minute floats to any active-duty military member or veteran at its 112 locations.

With more and more veterans suffering from PTSD, depression, panic disorder, social anxiety disorder, stress, and other pain-related conditions, float therapy provides hope, relief, and healing for trauma.


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