RIP Colton Berrett: Another Gardasil Vaccine Death

in #health6 years ago

I've been meaning to post about Colton for a while, and sadly he has just passed away.

This kid was always smiling, even after getting paralyzed by the HPV vaccine. He was an amazing person, with an incredible attitude and extreme athletic ability.

The empathetic & aware people out there are mourning you, Colton. RIP and thank you for inspiring people to always keep smiling, not complain, and be grateful for what we have. You will be greatly missed.

My heart goes out to his family.


Watch Colton's Vaxxed Interview here:


Thanks for spreading awareness and sharing stories. The damage that is being done by vaccines is terrible and sad. Thanks for sharing the raw truth.

Judgement day will come soon and these vaccine bullies medical degrees won't save their butts !!

When are people going to stop forcing these lethal injections on their own children.

Thank you for sharing this vaccine injury story. My account is new and my first post was about Colton's story.

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