Introducing myself

in health •  last year

Hi everyone here
I am Umar Toyin Baruba, also know as @toyinbaruba here.

I am a chemistry graduate, and an IT professional, that loves to venture into educational platforms or activities.
I am new here. I got to know this platform through @cisse56 and @blackemperor. I want to make new friends and learn more about networking.

Furthermore, I have a keen interest in ICT; informative/educative usage of the internet.

I do dispose/disseminate reliable information that serve positive purpose of putting people in the know, health, educational and even political wise.

I am spontaneous internet user.

I look forward to making new friends here.
I want to be a reliable source on this platform, for health, political news, educational and managerial tips.

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Awesome, I'm with you now
Check me out @lightoj

Welcome to Steemit from Indonesia, this is an amazing platform for creativity and imagination. Share, comment and make friends


I look forward to the positivities.

Hello @toyinbaruba
I recommend that you upload a photo of yourself with your steemit username and current date, this gives you more opportunities here at steemit.


Thank you
I have just effected the correction


Thank you very much.
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Welcome to the great community of steemit. I assure you enjoy your stay here

You are welcome here brother, feel at home @steemit

Welcome dear


Thank you
I hope to learn about more, from you

Keep steeming😀


Thank you