Healthy Wednesday : What I eat in a day (Rainbow edition)

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“To insure good health: eat lightly, breathe deeply, live moderately, cultivate cheerfulness, and maintain an interest in life.”

~William Londen

I try to live by these words as much as I can. I personally do not understand as to why when people hear the words "Healthy Food", they immediately picture something tasteless and disgusting. This is seriously not the case. You can have amazing tasting food if you put in a little effort and change a few things. For example, I try to eat carbs in the first half of the day when I am super active. It is a good idea to avoid carbs and greasy food during dinner.

Following is a list of things that I ate today, normally I do a variation of these things:

Breakfast :- Spinach- Banana-Almond milk Smoothie

I cannot explain in words just how delicious this smoothie was. I used one whole banana, a cube of frozen spinach, almond milk and sprinkled some cinnamon powder and mixed everything. I did not expect it to be so good. But, it was! Also how delicious is almond milk by the way. It is naturally sweet so you don't have to add any sugar to the smoothie. If you still want more sweetness, honey is always the best alternative.

Lunch :- Pea - Guacamole with sesame whole grain bread

This was so friggin delicious, it literally took me 5 minutes to prepare and was incredible filling. All I did was scoop out avocado, mashed it. To this, I added some finely chopped onions, some tomatoes, salt, a little garlic powder, some canned peas and lemon juice. I mixed it all together and ate it on top of this incredibly delicious bread that we bought a while ago. It is whole grain bread with sesame seeds on top.

Evening snack :- Carrots with Beet-root hummus

Honestly I bought this variation of hummus because the normal one wasn't there and I thought it was going to be just ew. To my big surprise it turned out to be really tasty. Today I was really really hungry when I had just come back from work so I decided to eat this. It was really amazing. I am not making this shit up I swear! I would never eat anything bad tasting just because it is super healthy. I need it to taste good and it was! Also, look at that those gorgeous colors.

Dinner :- Pengasius Filet with Vegetables

The photo looks weird, but it tasted incredible. I absolutely love it when I can make my food in just one pot. This is why I love the oven based dishes. It saves you so much effort. All I did was chop up big pieces of zucchini, mushrooms, onions and potatoes (potatoes on one side for @sjennon). Now I added my fish filet and all these vegetables. I then sprinkled oil, salt, pepper, cayenne pepper, curry powder and garlic powder and mixed it through out. I kept it in the oven at 200 degree Celsius for 30-35 minutes.

Well, I hope you enjoyed that! I hope this inspires you to get creatively healthy. Until next time amigos <3

Written by @things, 2018. All rights reserved.


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Amazing recipes! I'm a newbie when it comes to veganism, but I want to try all these recipes, they seem very easy to make and look extremely tasty. Thank you!