Apple Cider Vinegar: A magic potion

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What is this new weird thing I am talking about you ask?

Well ain't no thang, I shall walk you through it. It has actually existed for friggin forever but millennials being millenials do not want to do anything unless internet creates a hype about it, or well, Kardashians do it. I'm not gonna lie, I heard about it also after I saw like thirty thousand YouTube videos! So let's get into it!


Health Benefits:

a. Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

What more could we want?

Source:"In one study, vinegar consumption was found to decrease blood sugar levels by an average of 31 percent after eating white bread. Similarly, an animal study showed that giving diabetic rats apple cider vinegar for four weeks was found to significantly reduce blood sugar levels."

b. It promotes weight loss

I have struggled with y weight for the longest time.I lead a pretty healthy lifestyle so I do not really know why I have all this extra fat, I guess some people do need to hit the gym hardcore to get into that shape they want. I want to emphasize here that I do not hate my body, I love being curvy but I want to be in y fittest most healthy form. I have a lot of stamina issues etc and I think working out will not only tone me up but also impart me with some stamina. Sometimes though even just working out does not bring out results as quickly as you want it to. If you want to accelerate the process, go for apple cider vinegar.

Source:"There is a plethora of research out there confirming the benefits of apple cider vinegar for weight loss. In one study, consuming just two tablespoons per day of apple cider vinegar over 12 weeks resulted in nearly 4 pounds of weight loss with no other modifications to diet or lifestyle.

Studies show that apple cider vinegar may also increase satiety, which can help reduce intake and amp up weight loss. In fact, one study showed that drinking apple cider vinegar actually decreased total caloric intake by up to 275 calories over the course of the day."

c. It reduces blood pressure

The acetic acid present in apple cider vinegar helps with reducing the blood pressure.

d. It improves skin health and you can also use it topically on scars, pigmentation or lightening any dark spots.

Two tablespoons a day, and keep the doctor away! The uses are endless actually, these are just the ones I found important to share.

I hope you all try this magical potion at home, you can add it to water and drink it, I assure you, you will see results within a month!

Written by @things, 2018. All rights reserved.


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thanks for the information about the Apple Cider Vinegar

Thank you for sharing so interesting information about apple cider vinegar.
It also catches my attention, for weight control.