How yoga can change your life and heal the past

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Have you ever asked yourself how yoga can change your life?

The recent celebration of International Yoga Day took place on the 21st of June. It is celebrated on the same date every year. This opportunity has offered me the inspiration to express my own perception of yoga.

Mainstream articles about yoga usually focus on how it can improve your fitness level. Or how yoga can help you lose weight.

Advanced yogis will also look for information about how yoga heals the mind. This way or the other, if you are actively involved in yoga, perhaps without even realizing it, you may also be subconsciously interested in how yoga can change your life.

Personally, I have a yoga session every couple of days or so. My original motivation has been to follow a simple bodyweight workout routine.

Yoga has served this purpose very well, as it only requires a small workout area, and even my bedroom is fine, without the need for any special equipment.

Just a few years ago, it was not like that at all. I was really skeptical about books and articles on “How can the practice of yoga change your life?”. Nowadays, I believe that it can. And, even better, it can change one’s past.

So, how does it work?

How yoga can change your life: Growth in harmony

A basic benefit of yoga exercise is that it fine-tunes equally both the body and the mind. This harmonious combination serves as the basis and source of the uplifting experience that results from practicing yoga.

Through the various yoga poses, every single cell of the body, and neuron of the brain, is nicely worked. The final goal is to achieve a balanced and happier way of living.

Obviously, other workout methods and routines can also help in that direction.

However, some of them concentrate only on the body, with others focusing only on the mind.

Most of them are not as effective as yoga, in terms of achieving a balanced growth in both areas.

For example, a problem that is rooted in the past may have literally turned your life into a nightmare. Let’s examine how yoga can change your life and heal the past in this case.

First of all, we should first come to terms with the fact that we can’t change the past. What we can do is change the present, and set the foundations for a better future.

Yoga can change our mood and perspective in life. Because it strengthens both the body and the mind, it shields us from any negative perceptions, whether they are mental or corporeal.

As a result of doing regular yoga exercise, we can finally manage to train ourselves to erase from our memory all negative feelings and thoughts that we may carry from the past. These feelings do not exist anymore. They only result from the fact that both our mind and body have been accustomed to think in this negative way.

Regular yoga exercise can reverse those feelings. As yoga increases the level of our contentment, we learn to think and react positively to external stimuli that used to escalate into problems.

In this way, yoga literally heals the past, by helping us to ultimately reject and cast aside any negative reflections associated with it.

So, this is how yoga can change your life, by boosting your joy of living the present, and helping you to plan ahead a much-promising prosperous future.

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