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Cancer. Why is everyone so afraid about it? What Cancer really is? How to tackle it? How to prevent it? How? What? When? Why? etc. are the questions associated with cancer but when it really happens and we diagnose it in the last stage, we are done with life.

…/\… Namaste everyone hope you are doing good. Today I am going to talk about CANCER it's early signs of warning ⚠ and some preventive measures
Cancer as defined by Wikipedia is- Cancer is a group of diseases involving abnormal cell growth with the potential to invade or spread to other parts of the body. These contrast with benign tumors, which do not spread to other parts of the body.

So without wasting anytime let's get started.

I am in a ROTRARY CLUB,at present I am a ROTRACTOR of Club AGNIGARH District 3240. On 14th March 2018 we did a campaign named Together_We_Can_Beat_Cancer. The aim of this campaign was to promote the Causes and Prevention method of cancer,so that more people become aware of it,and we can tackle and beat cancer together.


So without wasting anytime, let's get started. I am going to share some of the points that we learned that day on the campaign

The Seven Warning ⚠ Signs of Cancer.

To remember it easily,we will use the word CAUTION as it also contains seven word.

  1. C- Changes in bowel or bladder habits.
    2.A- A sore that does not heal.
    3.U- Unusual bleeding discharge.
    4.T- Thickening or lump in the Breast and Testicles.
    5.I- Indigestion or difficulty in swallowing.
    6.O- Obivous change in the shape, size, colour or thickeness oa a wart,mole or mouthsore
    7.N- Nagging cough or Hoarseness.
Preventive Measures
  1. Don't consume Tobacco or Alcohol.
    Eat a healthy diet**
    -Eat plenty of fruits and green vegetables, **
    Limit red meat intake, **
    -Limit fat intake.
    3.Maintain a healthy weight and be physically active **
    Protect yourself from the harmful Ultraviolet Rays of the sun **
    5.And the most important one,go to the doctor often and get screened, as early detection helps in curing it

So,thats it for today. Hope you enjoyed reading the article. Here are some of the pictures of the day

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👌🏻very appreciatable work you all are doing🙂

It was all possible because of you.. You were the master mind behind it,so thank you