BRILLIANT HEALTHY SHORTCUTS: Deliver vital benefit as effective as the real thing

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Most of us know that living a healthy lifestyle is essential when it comes to looking after our health.

Can everyone go to gym at least three times a week to do work out, have a balanced diet and do regimen exercises in order to maintain healthy wellbeing? Maybe not, but there are some shortcuts to stay fit and obtain the same results as if we regularly work out.


Expert says our body needs at least seven to eight hours of sleep or rest. Lack of sleep causes body problems and risks of having diseases, most especially heart problems. It can weaken our immune system, lessen our vitality, creates poor concentration and causes weight gain.

The shortcut: Get some nap any hour of the day. Persons with poor hours of sleeping habit are recommended to take a short nap each day to reduce the risk of death. It lowers blood pressure and can boost positive health benefits.


Brush teeth three times a day after eating. Plaques can cause acid level rise and starts causing damage to our gums and tooth decay.

The shortcut: Chew sugar-free gum. It flushes some food residue in our mouth that causes bacteria. These sugar-free gums contain xylitol (natural sweetener) which counteracts the acid level and rid bacteria that causes bad breath.


We also need to drink at least six to eight glasses of water everyday, to keep us hydrated and maintain healthy digestive system.

The shortcut: Eat plenty of watery fruits like watermelon, pears, etc. and other sources of fluid from vegetables. Five daily servings is equivalent to two glasses of water. Drinking coffee and tea counts too.


It is recommended to engage ourselves in moderate physical activities at least 30 minutes a day in order to keep our heart healthy, lower cholesterol and increase body physique. Maintaining exercise five times a week has a great benefit to our wellbeing.

The shortcut: Ten minutes of intense exercise with one minute break in between is as good as exercising long sessions. Power bursts exercise like running up and down the stairs or power walking ten minutes early in the morning. It is effective in maintaining the regimen, research shows.


To get the 5-a-day recommendation of fruits and vegetables, we must eat at a least 5 rainbow of servings everyday to obtain all nutrients and minerals needed in our body.

The shortcut: Slice up fruits and stock-up frozen ready anytime for serving. If you are having a struggle in eating raw veggies, try smoothie as alternative to increase your intake. Dried fruits and morning glass juices counts as supplementary as well. You can make your own version of vegetable soup from what is available in your fridge. A portion of salad every meal could bump up the vital nutrients needed.


Eating two portion of fish a week with omega-3 fatty acids protects heart disease and keeps our joints and eyes healthy. The polyunsaturated fatty acid from omega-3 has a great function for healthy brain.

The shortcut: Take omega 3 supplement for a minimum of 500mg EPA/DHA found in fish oils. Walnuts, flaxseed or pumpkin seeds on salad and cereals are great source of different omega 3 which is beneficial to our health.

Staying fit is everybody's aim for maintaining healthy lifestyle. Now that several diseases comes in by surprise, our body couldn't fight the enzymes occurring to protect us from getting viruses. In order to boost our body mechanism, balanced diet and exercise is essential. This brilliant shortcuts could manage the lack of time, availability and convenience much more to those who work in ages almost as effectively as the real thing.

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nice post.. you lost money, lost nothing, loose health, lost something, lost character, lost everything..


Thanks @bagindooo for stopping by. Healthy lifestyle will do wonders:)

I tell people that living health conscious is the best type of life, you are fortunate saving yourself lot of money you would spend treating yourself, not just that also saving yourself from all sort of health problem/disease that might arise and ultimately ensuring you love longer.. Thanks for sharing


Yeah, i agree with you @justiceweje love yourself first before anything else. Health is wealth. Thanks for sharing good comments. By the way, are you a medical student? Great profession my friend:)

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Thank you @tessalonica for this very detailed, educative and insightful post. Health is indeed wealth.


Awe, thanks for dropping by:)