Benefits of Keeping Your Nails Short and Neat

in #health6 years ago

Keeping your nails short will help to prevent the spread of germs and bacteria’s.
Under the nail should as well be scrubbed with soap and water in order to keep it neat and clean.
Finger nails should be trimmed at all times because longer finger nails have the capacity to harbor more dirt’s than the short finger nail.


Diseases can as well be spread through the instruments used to clean finger nails which calls for proper attention when nails are been cleaned, all the instruments that will be used for cleaning the instruments should be properly cleaned and sterilized.
More and proper sterilization is greatly required when these instruments are shared with more people especially in a saloon.
When a finger nail is infected, it could be easily noticed by the swelling that occurs from the skin around the nail region, the nail becomes extraordinarily thick and the help of a physician could help solve the problem very fast.


The spread of infection and germs can be reduced by treating materials for nails before use, by avoiding chewing or biting of nails, instead of chewing the nail, make sure you cut it short.

Eating healthy diets help to keep our nails free from infection, keeps it shiny and beautiful.
Ensure that your cuticles are greatly moisturized.
Try to file your nails and keep your hands and nails away from heavy chemicals.
Pulling off your nails forcefully is not really a good one, so it should be avoided as often as possible.

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