Is it true that eggs are harmful to heart health

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Dear friends, how are you today and who is certainly in good health, and well today I want to talk a little about the food that is popular with these people, often "accused" of causing heart health problems. And in fact, that is not entirely true. Heart disease can attack only when you eat eggs with a mixture of bad saturated fat.


Remember when the price of eggs rose a while ago? Many people scream, because eggs are very popular. In addition to the high nutritional value of eggs, and easy processing makes eggs a family favorite menu.

However, now some people also think that eggs are not a good food for health, especially for the heart. Many people believe that egg yolks are a cause of cardiovascular disease.


And this fear is considered normal by Anthony Komaroff, MD, an author at the Harvard Health Letter. Egg consumption can indeed increase cholesterol levels in the blood which causes heart disease.

"Egg yolks do have high cholesterol levels, and high levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol in the blood increases the risk of cardiovascular disease. So, it seems logical that avoiding eggs is sensible," Komaroff said.

So to avoid healthy eggs becoming "bad" and detrimental to the health of the body, Anthony Romanoff suggested that eggs be eaten with fresh vegetables, herbs, spices, or green chillies. You can also enjoy it with whole wheat bread which is spread with low fat margarine. Besides being delicious, this combination is good for you.

So, eggs are actually not harmful to your heart health, but the origin is eaten within reasonable limits. At least, for egg consumption every week no more than 3 eggs. In addition, also pay attention to processing techniques and menu combinations that you eat with eggs, in order to still get good benefits for health.

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