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I would like to share the following age old wisdom to help you regain your vision.

The food you take and your daily habits are the two predominant factors affecting your vision health.

Hence firstly you got to take care of your food habit.

Your liver produces enzymes that greatly helps your vision. Hence keeping your liver clean and healthy is a must. Eat a lot of green vegetables and make sure you eat carrot 🥕 or drink carrot juice daily. They say carrot provides 25% of the needed nutrients for your eyes. Avoid excessive alcohol consumption as it can damage your liver and can affect vision health.

Further use your glasses/contacts if you absolutely have to. Just like how a person who wants to walk after an accident although uses crutches initially tries to walk without them to regain his ability to walk when you try to use your eyes without any crutches the eye muscles tries to correct itself.

Walk bare foot as much as you can. It provides grounding and helps earth energy flow through you. Green is healing to your eyes. That is exactly why we have so much green around us. Let's learn from nature. Look at green and try to have as much as green possible in your working environment. Indoor plants are a great option. It not only helps your vision but also your productivity.

Another important thing would be to sun gaze. Early morning rising sun would be devoid of any harmful rays and gazing at sun rise with your naked eye would provide immense benefits to your vision health.

Finally let's look at some exercises that I suggest you practice daily morning and evening. Ideally during sun rise and sun set. It would take no more than 10 minutes per session.

  1. Slowly using your index finger of both hands massage around your both of your eyes simultaneously.
  2. Now look at the far left then right then up and finally down. Spend at least 5 seconds on each position.
  3. Roll your eyes slowly both clockwise and anti clockwise 10 times each direction.

4.Finally hold the thump of your right hand as far away as posible and the thumb of your left hand closer to your eye in a straight line. It would be great at the far end of this line if there is green to see. Now look at your nearest thumb then the other one and finally at the far end as far as your vision could go. Keep doing this alternatively for at least 10 times.

All the very best in your journey for perfect vision !

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