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Want to lose weight? Then the spinach leafy Khan. Due to the anti-oxidant and anti-cancer properties of nutrients, it is known as 'super food'. This leafy leaf green leaflet can reduce belly fat.

There are vitamins and minerals, there is less calories in it. So to reduce weight, you can make more food. It has been found in the study, those who weigh more regularly, they also lose weight due to regular paling.

But how to eat? It is known that in four ways the spinach is used to reduce weight. Find out those ways.

As juices

Palang can be eaten with juice but it can be eaten with juice. Cooking can be found in the morning meal as well as sesame seeds. Benefits of eating banana with banana, jam, mango and orange juice can be beneficial.

As salads

Some fruits of the Kali Palang can be mixed with green salad. Almond or fruit salad can also be eaten with spinach.


Rice with potato can be cooked and boiled. After cooking, the flavor of palanquin can be increased by adding garlic and ginger gum for two to three minutes.

As curry

Pulses mixed with pulses are very good. To be connected with cooking or dense pulses. Cooking lentils is not easy, it is also good for health.

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