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Many people know how good quality of meeting is complete between men and women. To keep blood pressure normal, sex helps reduce stress. Uddam Milon does not let the age-old impression of both men and women. Recently, about a quarter of new information about sex has emerged, according to a condom maker's study. In this report, they were released-

1. The Durex Global Sex Survey states that lovers and lovers meet on average 139 times a year. The French at the forefront of this issue. They meet on average 167 times a year.

2. The pleasant instrument makes Milan more appealing and appealing. Experts are advised to keep the motel or bedfone CD in the bedroom.

3. In order to keep Gopalangan clean, there should be no use of market research chemicals repeatedly. The women who have 'Heldi bacteria' in their private hands wash them out.

4. Durex's study states that at least 4 out of every 10 people would like to meet their beloved friend's partner.

5. If there is a 'blue force' disease, then there is a problem of germination of the men.

6. It takes about 8 months for a normal woman to conceive. There is no possibility of meeting this time. But most of the men enjoy this time.

7. Believe it or not, many do not fall under the impression that there is an anti-aging factor in sperm or fancy.

8. It is healthy to have sex at least 4 times a week to keep the body healthy and natural.

9. Once complete, the excessive blood pressure decreases, decreasing stress.

10. If you are depressed for any reason, you do not want to be better than sex, experts say.

11. One table spoon contains only 36 calories.

12. Before the mix, play with the partner four-time, until both of you have a little bit of moisturizing in the private parts. It leads to harmony of Milan.

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