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Many people suffer from the problem of hair loss at a young age. Lack of hormone balance, malnutrition, thyroid problems - for many reasons, hair may be white before time. If this is the case, most of the people take help from hairdryer or hairdryer. But hairdrying is a temporary way to black hair.

Moreover, most of the hair dyates contain some chemical substances which can damage hair health. It is best if white hair is blackened in a natural way. The Association of Alternatives Medicine of Dubai

Not only the hair that can be used to prevent premature aging, it also helps prevent hair loss, and also helps to whiten the white hair in the application of this domestic strategy, as indicated in a paper published by them.

According to the guidelines of the paper, early hair will stop getting stuck in just two things-

1. Half cup coconut oil, and

2. Three teaspoons of lemon juice.

Know what to do now. First, mix these ingredients in a container. Then take a little hand and mix a little massage on the hair. Keep this in one hour. Then clean the hair with a shampoo in white water (ie harmful chemical disinfected) by washing hair. Well, finish your job.

According to the study, it is enough to apply this mixture one day a day. But if you want to get quick results, this mixture can be used temporarily every day. It will not only stop the hair from being cooked in the early morning, but it will also stop hair. If you use every day, it will return to your hair after seven days.

Besides, those who suffer from dandruff problems, mix half a cup of coconut oil with two teaspoons of light hot water and one teaspoon custard oil and massage the hair at the beginning of the hair and after half an hour after washing the hair with shampoo, get rid of the dandruff.

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