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Beer is the 3rd most drink after coffee and tea. And the most of people like to drink beer on party. As we just know beer is not harmful except over drinking. But if we take it for small amount in daily life then it's have lot's benefit for our life.

so let's talk about benefit of drinking beer

  1. The many research prove that who drink beer daily with small amount whose life is too long compare then normal people.

  2. Bear have lot's of amount of vitamin B.

  3. It contains folic acid which help to preventing heart attack.

  4. it's give you more energy if you feel tired.

  5. If you take 3 drink of beer daily then it will reduce heart disease almost 25%.

  6. American researcher prove that it reduce the 45 % risk of kidney stone disease.

  7. Drinking small amount of beer makes bones more stronger then normal.

And last one with my experience if you really want to make your self stronger with fitness , money , and personality then you need good hard work with smart work.