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Well, one year and four days later, we are back at the hospital with our daughter having seizures. She is okay but will spend the night here with my wife while I drive home and have a nap before waking up for work. It is almost 3am.


We had an ambulance come to our home around 11pm and after they talked to the doctor, they said to go into the hospital for observation and testing. Weirdly, just after we arrived and saw the first nurse, a friend of ours turned up with her son who was suffering an asthma attack. The kids then played together happily for 2 hours which made the visit a little more fun for them at least.

It hasn't been a fun night for the parents however, you have to take laughs where you can get them in life and I noticed this set of images on the wall with some suspect labelling.


You had one job translator.

Our daughter has been awesome as always through this and had remembered to thank the nurses, even the one who took blood. I am hoping they get to at least sleep late here but, hospitals tend to have early risers.

Well, I will drive home and leave this short as it has been a 22 hour day so far with 15 of them working or on a train and another 4 in the hospital.

Let's see what tomorrow brings.

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(posted from a hospital and broken)

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I hope @smallsteps recovers quickly. Few things can be scarier for a parent than febrile seizures.

I adopted my son in Colombia. The whole saga (entries from a journal I kept while there) got posted to the Steem blockchain a couple of years ago. In this snippet, Nathaniel and Miguel both refer to my son, Mary to my then-wife, Ayudame to the orphanage we adopted him from:

12 Jul 93
Miguel's temperature was high during the night. Doctor at Ayudame checked him at noon and said his lungs we clear and to continue with the medication. He got much worse in the afternoon, having another seizure. Day from hell. At four we took him to the Clínica del Country hospital. Drove by taxi and the driver was told to get there as fast as possible. Trip was like something out of a Fellini film - a half-crazed driver going top speed through rush hour traffic with blaring salsa music on the radio. All that was missing was a dwarf wearing a funny hat dancing on the hood. Nate had a third seizure in the taxi. At least two near collisions on my side of the car, possibly others that I didn't see. Caring doctors and nurses at the emergency room. They suspected bronchial pneumonia (so much for the clear lungs we had been assured of) and ordered X-rays. Stood in X-ray room with him while pics were taken, no shielding provided for parents. Zap! After several hours of waiting they confirmed bronchial pneumonia and said that he should be admitted. Five minutes later they said that they didn't have any rooms available.


Off to the second hospital, Fundacion Santa Fe de Bogotá where he was to be admitted. While Mary was in the emergency room with Miguel I was upfront trying to get approval for my credit card over the ever chancey Colombian phone system. From the emergency room came a blood curdling scream that could cut through ten-foot-thick titanium steel walls. Rather than being Nathaniel, it was from a little girl having blood drawn. Nathaniel Miguel was admitted and we went back to the hotel to get the first decent night's sleep in several days.

13 July
Test results show that in addition to bronchial pneumonia, he has a kidney infection. We spent most of the day at the hospital pushing our limited Spanish as far as we could. A few of the staff spoke a bit of English. If we ever adopt in Colombia again I'll be sure to get as close to fluency as I can before coming again. We took a break and went across the street to Hacienda Santa Barbara, a shopping mall that's more upscale than many in the United States. If you have money, life can be very comfortable in Bogotá.


There's a new couple here, from Denmark. During dinner the woman spoke Danish to her husband, Spanish to her children, English to us, and French to the couple from Brittany.

Bastille Day
Nathaniel had a test in the nuclear medicine department requiring total immobility so he was sedated. Gorked for the rest of the day. We met a woman who we'd seen at the first hospital on the 12th. Coincidentally, her daughter was being tested at the same nuclear medicine station. Had a lengthy conversation with a neurologist whose English is much better than our Spanish who will be examining Miguel tomorrow after the sedative has totally worn off. We may have to schedule an MRI.

15 de Julio 93
The neurologist was pleased with the results of his exam. We are however getting conflicting information from the other doctors. It seems that the pneumonia is no longer cause for concern - the main problem is Miguel's left kidney. Went shopping today at the Hacienda but left by a different exit than before. Right across the street from this upscale mall, in a city of six million, cattle were grazing.

That would be scary as hell having to go through this ins a foreign country without the local language. We are pretty lucky here because most speak English better than most English people.

Has your son read these entries?

Has your son read these entries?

Yes. He’s 26 now. How the time flies!

I'm so sorry to hear @smallsteps is having some seizure troubles again. I hope she won't have any more, or at least that they remain few and far between. She's lucky to have such a wonderful caring father as you.

Oh, and that's one stripy horse. Someone didn't know what a zebra was.

She'll be fine, with or without me I hope. We are home now so that is a good thing at least as she is more herself here.

Oh, and that's one stripy horse. Someone didn't know what a zebra was.

And that is a weird ass swan.

Pinky and Spiky are sending greetings to your daughter...

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@smallsteps laughed when I showed her this in the hospital :D

If you send me your mailing address through Discord, I would be delighted to send my Pinky and Spiky comic book for her. I'm organduo#9983 on Discord.

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You have books? I didn't know. :)

I will send you a message tonight.

Two books are mine and one is by @laputis, my wife.

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If you are willing to part with one, for sure :)
I sent you a request on Discord and mine is:

Yes, I have accepted you as a friend on Discord.

Sorry to hear, I hope you got a little rest before the day started again.

Nope. Had to call in and say I couldn't make it. the doctor was late on her rounds too so I missed the afternoon meetings too :/

At least we are all home now :)


I hope more years on the book help.

Five years from now I hope I am in a position that missing work doesn't matter :)

1 year 4 days. Good build on that.
Good sprite,, but then again she is a powerful sprite.
She is in a long term battle. And will comfort you.
Wow one year 4 days. Has it been that long ago. She is stronger now also. Give that BIG girl a Hugh hug 🤗

She is doing okay now, and just has a high fever we need to keep an eye on as it seems to trigger her. She hasn't lost her appetite at least :)

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Temp will trigger it.
The appetite is a good sign.
Good for her. We are with her in our thoughts always.

Thanks for the update, its important to us

I was just thinking the other day that it was great that they never repeated! I hope they find the cause for some treatment my friend. My thoughts are with your family!

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Yeah, I was too but when I got home from work in the evening, she was very off and I told my wife to pack a bag for the hospital, just in case. She is home now though and napping without spasms so, that is good :)

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In fairness in some languages the word for multiple animals seems to be the same if the animals in question are the same shape XD

Hope all the things get resolved :S

I wonder where and who it was translated by. Perhaps the person that did this restoration:

Home now. :)

Glad to hear she's ok. You nailed the translator line. Don't ever change your stripes with that sense of humor during tough times.

Yeah, no point in being too down when there is nothing more to be done.

Sending lots of love and an angel for you all.

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Thanks, I will show her the pic tomorrow. She likes bears :)

Sorry to hear that. I hope your daughter is fine and this episode won't happen again. I've been following you, reading your post and have to say, you're an example! Wishing you all the best.

Thanks, I hope so too and I also hope that she doesn't get too comfortable being in hospitals, at least as a patient as she seems to know most of the procedures before they are performed.

Hope tomorrow is better

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Me too.