Week 1 of my fitness journey

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So after a lot of prodding ahem I mean support from my friends, I have decided to start the decade fresh with another attempt at being healthy. My reason for wanting to be healthy is because right now I am emotionally in a very healthy place and I would like to extend that happiness by being happier in body too.

I have tried many sorts of techniques and programs (and have sunk a considerable amount of money in them) but nothing really worked. My girlfriend's brother introduced me to TR90 which is a plan by Nuskin. I know, it is an MLM. However, in this case, I am not writing to sell you anything. I won't sell anything unless I know it is 100% proven to work so you will have to follow me on this journey to tell if it does work.

The TR90 plan cost a bomb. The fact that I spent a lot of my savings on it makes me feel more responsible for the results. Thus, since I have invested so much in it, might as well push myself to make sure that no matter what, I get something out of it.

The TR90 program consists of three aspects: the supplements, the diet plan and the exercises.

The supplements are all natural and are mostly easy to consume. I am popping around 3 different types of these pills twice a day. The only one that has an adverse reaction to me is their LifePak pills because I feel nausea if I take it after meals. Thus, to counter that, I opted to eat my LifePaks with my other pills.

Then, in the morning, I have a powdered drink that is supposed to increase my metabolism. Then, at night, I drink a trimshake to supplement my meal.

My meals are following NuSkin's 3-3-3-3 diet plan which is to have a fistful of meat-based protein, a fistful of non-meat protein, 1 handful of veggies/fruit and a palmful of carbohydrates. This is one of the moments where I feel blessed to have gigantic hands because it allows me to eat more than I would compared to other Asian sized participants.

As part of the program, my girlfriend's brother also set up a whatsapp group to help monitor what I eat and motivate me to eat right.

The following are some pictures of what I ate over the past week:

Fried Eggs with Kai Lan

Chicken Salad with Dhal dressing

Chilli Con Carne

Chicken, Homemade Bread and Homemade Hummus

Tempeh and Hummus

Tempeh and Hummus (Doused in Palm Oil) served with a side of Vinagered Portabello Mushrooms

Economy Rice (I got bamboozled by mock meat here)

Cooked Amaranth Leaves with Cabbage/Carrot Omelette

I'd say I ate pretty well despite the dietary restrictions if I say so myself! However, there are moments where I have the urge to simply chew on something and those moments came to feel extremely frustrating. Especially while I was avoiding snacks like the plague.

So what did I do for exercise?

Well, not much really. I went to the gym proper for a day. Then, I did a lot of walking. I also had a sparring session with a friend of mine to prepare him for a competition on Saturday.

So how did I fare for Week One?

Most of the statistics are self explanatory, I lost 1 KG of Fat but at the cost of 1KG of muscle. I suspect it is due to me being at an almost 1000 calorie deficit a day compared to my Basal Metabolic Rate. This phenomenon happens when the body goes into survival mode and breaks down protein as it is easier to break down than fat.

I am gonna up my food a bit over the next week and see what happens.

Overall, I am enjoying this journey as much as a starving man can I guess. If you have any inventive recipes or techniques, do share them with me!


Good job on trying to eat healthy! I know that can be tough. Your meals do look tasty though. 😋

For those moments you're looking to snack, perhaps consider peanut butter oatmeal bites (I prefer with chocolate chips, but if you're trying to be healthy...). They're quite good and surprisingly filling. I have a simple recipe here, if you're interested.

Keep up the good work! 😊

Personally, not fond of oatmeals haha but thanks

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