My Fitness Journey Week 3

in #health10 months ago

Week 3 has been a rough week in terms of my fitness journey. This is mainly because of Chinese New Year happening. This means that I ended up in binge eating central with all the festivities and opportunities to eat to my heart's content. Coupling this with traveling up to Penang for a week of Chinese New Year festivities meant that I was living a significantly more sedentary life than staying in the city.

However, despite this, I surprisingly did not suffer too much in terms of weight gain. I gained 0.6KG over the week of binging. This came mostly in fat gain and muscle loss but it was still lower than expected. This is especially as I was eating a lot and definitely over my caloric thresholds.

I know that it was undisciplined of me to go all out during Chinese New Year. However, what I do know is that moping about of a setback is going to do me more harm than good. I just simply have to accept my failure and reset myself to push harder for the next coming weeks to keep the weight lower!

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