Still confused by how to sleep baby. this is how

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Newborns need to sleep for 18 hours a day. Conversely, the mother also needs to sleep enough to maintain your own health. The condition of infants difficult to sleep can impact on mother's health and baby's own health.

Unfortunately, babies can not distinguish day and night. They also do not understand that the night is a time to sleep so babies tend not to follow the normal time cycle.

Below is how to put baby to sleep that you can apply:

Make a sleep schedule and limit your intake of eating

You are advised to make a baby sleep schedule. Prepare regularly so the baby understands that bedtime is coming soon. Preparations such as dinner, a bath with warm water for a more comfortable body, massage, wearing special clothes for sleeping, or listening to stories. Once you get used to doing routine things like this, the baby will gradually understand the sleep schedule.

Also, do not forget to feed the baby before bedtime arrives. The thing to remember is to avoid over-feeding. The purpose of feeding before bedtime is that the baby's sleep is not disturbed by hunger. Conversely, if the feeding is excessive, then it will make it feel uncomfortable during sleep.

Short Massage

Massage can make babies feel comfortable and relaxed. Massage the arms, legs, hands and abdomen before bed. Do not forget, give also a gentle massage on his face. It does not take too long, just 10-15 minutes. You can also use baby oil as a massage oil.

Apply comfortable clothes

If you want a good baby to sleep, do not forget to give clothes from comfortable material to make the baby sleep faster. Also apply a water-absorbable diaper to anticipate when the baby pees. That way, throughout the baby's sleep will remain calm and sleep is not disturbed.

Take the baby to bed and make sure the baby's sleep position is safe

Watch for signs of drowsy baby, such as yawning, rubbing eyes, and heavy eyes. Although the baby is still awake, but there are signs of drowsiness, immediately take him to bed. Let the baby soothe herself until it is completely asleep. Keep in mind, do not stay in touch with her long because it will make her stimulated to interact again with you.

Position the baby to sleep with his back on the mattress. This position is the safest. Avoid babies sleeping on their stomach or belly on the back because it can be affected by sudden death syndrome. After that rub the head or other limbs so the baby knows that you are near him so he is more calm.

Pay attention to room lighting

Try to always make the room in a state of dim. Light can affect the circadian rhythm of the body, which is our cycle to sleep and wake up naturally. The dark room also affects the production of melatonin, the hormone that served to help the sleep cycle.

Avoid swinging babies

If the baby is four months old, avoid putting him to sleep by rocking. When he looks sleepy, lie him to bed.

The way to get the baby to sleep is to create the same routine every night. Thus, babies sleep easier, you can rest enough. If you discipline to apply it, the baby will gradually understand that the night is the time to sleep..

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nice your babys advice dear . you don't stop post. please regular post in steem .i'm waitng to your next post.

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