Pregnancy can cause many changes in your body

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Pregnancy can cause many changes in your body. One of them is hormonal changes. This change can change the breast tissue and increase blood flow in the area. It may make your breasts painful and more sensitive.

Production of estrogen and progesterone hormone increases as you get pregnant. The hormone is prepared by the body to support the growth of the baby while in the womb. These hormones may be responsible for the pain in your breasts. The reason, both hormones are also a cause of breast pain before your menstruation (PMS). However, the difference with PMS is that the pain feels more severe during pregnancy.

The hormone is also in charge of preparing your breasts for lactation or breastfeeding. Your breasts may become more sensitive, especially the nipple, as the milk duct is enlarged and stretched while milk filling is done early in pregnancy.

Your breasts may be unbearably painful just because they rub against clothes.

Experiencing breast pain during pregnancy is a natural thing, because the condition is the early signs you are positive bodied two. In addition to pain, your breasts can also swell and like a tingling.

During intercourse you may feel your tits like tingling or throbbing. It happens because the flow of blood flows freely into your breasts.

Breast pain usually occurs when your pregnancy is 4 to 6 weeks and lasts during the first trimester. In fact, it can happen before you know you're pregnant, you know!

Production of hormone causes of breast pain is no longer rapidly during the second trimester of pregnancy. Even so, this is not a guarantee your breasts will be free from pain. Unease may still be felt during pregnancy.

Well, there is a way you can do to cope with the pain, namely by wearing the right bra. At the time of pregnancy, you can not wear a bra commonly worn everyday, given the changing breast conditions and as the size of the breast grows. Here's the right bra criteria for pregnant women:

If before pregnancy you often wear a wire bra, it is advisable not to use it while pregnant. This type of bra can make your breasts uncomfortable and unsuitable for facing your breast changes.
In order for the breasts are well supported, make sure you wear a bra that matches the size of your breasts. Do not wear a bra that is too tight or loose.
While sleeping, use a bra for pregnant women made of cotton. This type of bra may be able to overcome the pain when you sleep.
You may need to replace the bras several times during pregnancy, because at this time your breasts may dilate.
Usually, pregnant women are advised to avoid some types of painkillers. However, if you can not withstand the pain in your breasts, you may be taking paracetamol. Consult a doctor first if you want to take drugs while pregnant.

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