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RE: Cannabis Oil has Remarkable Health Benefits

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Finally, we have a place where you can write about cannabis and about their use. I did not carry out research on the medicinal properties of cannabis, but I can say with full responsibility that smoking hemp with THC on a daily basis for 3 years causes a drastic reduction in testosterone in men, which drastically reduces their aggression, willingness to exercise and worst of all, the desire for sex and the quality of the semen, and what is related to the fertility of the man. If everything is too harmful, unless someone has a problem with excessive testosterone, i.e. with aggression or sexual hyperactivity, for such people such treatment will be a cure. Occasionally used, for example, during the weekend to relax after a hard week of work is most desirable and not dangerous. However, be careful of police checks in countries where no acceptable standards are set. In Poland, there is the case of a prison sentence + a fine of EUR 3000 EUR + a lifetime ban on driving only for the fact that the driver was driving with a dose of 3ng THC in the blood.