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is a state in which the human body undergoes excessive heat especially in the digestive system. Heat can be caused by unbalanced food that is hot and cold.

Actually in the medical world is not known the term heat in, so the heat inside it in fact does not exist. It's just that many people have considered the symptoms that arise as a sign of "deep heat". Because when the patient's body temperature is measured, his body temperature is normal. It's just because people's habits call heat in the birth of the term.

Signs and symptoms

Signs and symptoms of internal heat in each person may vary, but the symptoms that can occur are as follows:

Disorders of the mouth such as sprue, chapped lips, bad breath. Digestive disorders such as constipation and hemorrhoids. Throat disturbances such as cough, sore throat, and dry throat. The body feels unfit like sneezing and fever body.


Deep heat can be caused by vitamin C deficiency, lack of fiber, lack of body fluids (dehydration), eating hot and fatty foods like fried foods, or even hot weather. Symptoms of deep heat can also be caused by environmental factors and emotional factors such as stress. Stress causes eating hours to become chaotic, unstable hormones & decreased immune system.

According to traditional understanding, internal heat can be caused by unbalanced "hot" and "cold" foods. Examples of foods that are "hot" include fried foods, fat, meat, chili, ginger, and others; While the vegetables and fruits are cold.


Simple treatment can be done include:

Drink enough water. Consume vegetables rich in fiber. Take vitamin C supplements. Avoid hot and fatty foods for a while.

Herbal treatment can be done include:


Green beans. The trick with boiled two handfuls of green beans with water, add two segments of ginger and brown sugar to taste, drinking twice a day will reduce the symptoms of deep heat. Young corn hair.how to boil a handful of corn hair with water, add a little ginger, and rock sugar, then filtered, drinking water just once a day, do it until healed. Green coconut water with honey. How to mix one coconut water with three tablespoons of honey and drink once a day slowly. Chicken chicken village.how to mix a raw chicken egg with one spoon of honey and a bit of saffron juice, drink with one gulp, and rest sufficiently.

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