Facebook messing your mind?

in health •  last year

Any thing thats addictive can affect your brain's dopamine circuit and facebook , youtube are doing just as harm as pornography and masturbation **
danger facebook.jpg
It can make you feel like your life isn’t as cool as everyone else’s. **
You see a lot of people enjoying their lives on facebook while no one actually posts about their problems , this leads you to have a sense of lesser achievement and a frustrated feeling

  1. It can lead to a sense of false consensus. **
    You might often find yourself into a place where you are agreeing to a point for some unnecessary reasons and not your point of view but you are bound to agree seeing the mass agreement over it.
    Thinking = Hi-Jacked.
    It can become addictive.**
    Lastly , you see teenagers spending hours over facebook or other platforms , not really sharing valuable information but just doing random stuff. It is to a point where not accessing to facebook makes you feel left out !

So , be very careful what youre upto and use social platforms for a solid and proper reason.

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