Thai Boxing For Life !! The Secret To My Workout

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Hello Steemit Friends,

Thai Boxing is one of the most popular workout activities for women. Muay Thai is a perfect choice for women who want to become physically fit without going through much hassle.

The workout is not only simple but also gets your entire body working out. Gone are the days when people had to practice Thai Box only for fighting in the ring. There are many women out here who have taken advantage of the training to improve their physical fitness. Here are health benefits of undertaking Muay Thai Boxing as a woman.



Ceci Magazine featured i did a while ago on Boxing and healthy life style

How is Thai boxing Awesome?


Strengthened Muscles

Thai Boxing tend to utilize all the different points of contact on your body. The work out involves the elbow, fists and knees. The maneuver is normally applied in order to hold your opponent whenever you are working out. The entire body normally strains but your muscles will become stronger in the end. The intense nature of the workout means that your heart and lungs get to work overtime in order to ensure you are performing. The intense workouts makes your body less prone to different heart related ailments over time. You only need a few hours of Thai Boxing training on a daily basis to realize the numerous benefits that come with the process.

Increased Coordination

Thai Boxing involved both the feet and hands. The consecutive strikes and body coordination are very crucial when it comes to training to become physically fitter. You will also realize improved stamina with continuous workout. In addition, you will become less prone to physical clumsiness over time.

Toned Muscles

Muscle toning is among the reasons most people hit the gym from time to time. Thai Boxing has proven to improve the tone of your muscles. This form of boxing enables individuals realize leaner and more shaped bodies in the long run. All the parts of the body will become stretched and pulled out in the process of working out. In addition, you will not require any gym equipment in order to realize your muscle tone goals.


It important for every woman to be equipped with basic defense skills. Thai Boxing offers women with an ideal opportunity to improve their defense skills over time. A woman with a healthier and fitter body is better placed to defend herself in the event of an attack.

Increased flexibility

Thai Boxing improves the flexibility of your body. The workout incorporates different parts of the body hence making you more flexible. Continuous training will leave you more flexible than before.

Improved blood circulation

Thai Boxing assists in improving your rate of blood circulation. The exercise is intense hence keeps the heart pumping continuously over time. The intense working of the heart increases the circulation of blood in different parts of your body.

Stress relief

Dealing with stress can be among one of the most daunting experiences in life. Thai Boxing is among the most effective ways to deal with stressful moments in life. If there is anything stressing you in life then you can hit the training ground for Thai Boxing and you will see the difference.


I have been practicing Thai Boxing for over 3 years now. I manage my schedule and drag myself to the gym at least 2 times a week. I feel light and relieve after every sessions. Boxing is literally the secret of keeping my body nice and toned.Let me tell you that it is an awesome feeling to see yourself developing each and every time you put that glove on. I don't think i will ever hang these gloves until i am psychically inadequate.

I hope You enjoy this post guys

I always deeply appreciate your comments, upvotes and share.

Much Love, Suzana

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Nice, Ive always found sports so much easier than going to the gym. I'm surprised more ppl don't do a sport instead of boring workouts.


Yes !! I love doing different type of exercises !! It is very important to keep yourself motivated by finding variety of activities.

Great works, I wish you success


Thank you for much !! I wish you well too !

With thai boxing sport to maintain good health. Nice post I like


It does !! very much so. I

Beautiful woman


Thank you

glad you found an activity you love!! You are looking awesome :D cheers to strong women!


Yes ! It is the best and i enjoy practicing it every time !

You're looking great; I might consider boxing next year but I'm not sure if what we have here is Thai boxing.

Oh yes. I joined Muay Thai class last year and loved it. Too bad i cant find time this year since my schedule is packed with classes and labs. But i keep thinking about it and hoping that next sem would be less packed


Finding time for yourself is important !! Make little changes and keep challenging yourself !!.


yes definitely! I'm considering to start over again next sem. :D

I follow boxing classes and fully agree that it is a great way to improve your condition and stay in shape. Great post.

Went to Eminent Air Thai Gym for a week alone a couple of years back to learn Muay Thai. Good shit!!!!


Very tiring but worth it right !!