Really Loneliness Can Trigger Depression ?

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In this life, feelings of pleasure and sadness have become commonplace in every human life, loneliness is also a form of emotion that every human being has ever experienced. But if someone feels loneliness protracted, be careful, it could be a sign of depression. Loneliness is a complex emotion that usually includes feelings of anxiety about lack of connection or communication with other creatures.

Loneliness is a mental state that involves thoughts and feelings, because many cases involving someone feeling lonely when he was in a crowd.

There are many things that can make people feel lonely, loneliness can be caused by many things, such as genetics, isolation, separation from the closest person, or because of factors in the person themselves such as feelings of inferiority.

Then what loneliness can cause depression?

Not all the loneliness a person experiences is a sign that he is depressed. As explained earlier, loneliness is a normal emotional condition experienced by anyone at a time. Loneliness that is still reasonable and not protracted is not a problem that needs to be dealt with specifically.

The feeling of being alone and the loneliness experienced can make someone feel uneasy. Conditions can get worse when a problem occurs. People who have the potential to experience depression will experience tremendous anxiety, because they feel no one is able to understand themselves.

Loneliness that is too protracted plus a sense of inferiority, will make people more potential for depression. This inferiority complex can be in the form of negative feelings that he is not valuable, and starts to overdo the mistakes and failures that have been experienced.

Feeling whatever is done will be of no use or despair, it is a dangerous form of emotion when accompanied by a sense of loneliness. Many cases of suicide due to depression have also been caused by loneliness accompanied by despair. They will usually feel that nothing will change, no matter how hard they try.

This condition is characterized by loss of interest and passion to do various things that are liked and daily routines. Including sexual desire with a partner, for those who are married. This will get worse if accompanied by the difficulty of being able to focus, even on small things.

Symptoms of depression this one is characterized by irregular sleep patterns. People who experience these symptoms usually experience changes in sleep hours. For example, one day sleep less than usual, then on another day you can sleep longer than usual, then on the other day you experience sleeplessness (insomnia) and not even sleep all night.

This sleep disorder can also be an effect of several other symptoms, such as excessive feelings of fear and anxiety.

Now, that is a little explanation about loneliness and symptoms of depression that are common, hopefully you may avoid depression every day, so you will live a life with a healthy mind. Good luck always for all of you ...!



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