She's ba-ck & introducing my little one

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She’s ba-ack! So after being away and missing in action from Steemit for almost a month, I’m finally able to unwind and bring blogging back.

I would like to report that my little one was born a few weeks ago. He is super healthy and has a good pair of lungs (omg, you can hear him from miles away, lol). At birth, he weighed 8 lbs 7 oz and this little friend of mine is also a fiend on the 'boob'. Needless to say, he is packing on some weight very nicely. Also, as soon as this little vampire finishes feeding, he falls into a serious milk coma. It's super fun to watch him sleeps as he has tons of facial expressions! So yeah, he has been keeping me busy but all the hard work is worth it. His cuteness really melts my heart!

As for me, so far so good psychiatrically. No postpartum depression or weird chemical imbalance issues. That was one of my greatest fears because crazy hormones are so hard to manage. I will share my crazy birth story in a separate post; it’s pre-tty pre-tty pre-tty brutal. All I can say for now is that c-section, the complications and the recovery are inhuman. I would not want anyone to go through what I went through.

Anyways, it's all good and I will kick start baby boy's introduction with some photos:




Prior to baby's arrival, I wrote down some thoughts but did not have a chance to post them. Today, I re-read these thoughts and I found them very interesting. Thought, I should share them here. Honestly, now that baby has arrived, all those mixed feelings I had prior to his arrival are completely gone.

My thoughts on May 13, 2018 - Before baby's arrival

It's such a weird feeling knowing that my life is going to change drastically. Every first time mother probably feels this way as you get closer and closer to the due date:

  • You're so nervous, but yet excited
  • You're ready to be a mom, but yet not quite ready to give up your past life
  • You worry about the delivery but yet you're excited to meet the little one
  • You're wondering if you can do it, but yet you want to believe that you can
  • You want to hold on to every last second of being child free, and yet you can't wait to hold the little baby that's fully formed inside your belly

Right now, I think I am JUST about mentally prepared to have an actual baby in my life. I have dreams about what it's going to be like. I can visualize the baby in different scenarios around the house (where it is going to sleep, how I'm going to breastfeed it, what we're going to do when we are sleep deprived and it won't stop crying, how I'm going to just have moments where I stare and watch the baby sleep next to me in disbelief that this is MY and MY Husband's child, how I’m also going to have moments where I just want to walk away and scream.)


Nice work haha. But seriously awesome and congrats on the extra piece of your heart. You did good.🙂

Thank you girl - it's the happiest time of my life. Having baby in my life motivates me to be a better person. Lots of challenges ahead of me, but I am up for it. Hope my baby will be 100% healthy, 200% happy and 300% funny!!!

Beautiful! The first few months are hard because the bobble head, but soon the neck will grow stronger and the smiles will be plentiful.image.jpeg

Thanks @bleedpoet and Happy Father's Day to an amazing father!

BTW, you posses so much knowledge about childbirth and babies, you would make a fantastic doula, ha!

BTW - loving all the beautiful photos of your daughter. I just posted more photos of my baby. Perhaps, one day, they could meet, lol.

wow congrats.
he is too cute.

Thanks so much, much appreciated!

Thank you kindly! This is the happiest time of my life!

Congratulations with your beautiful little boy, breastfeeding really is the best, much easier and boosts baby's immune system...ah but you know all those things...just enjoy this new life :)

Aww - Thank you @lizelle. This new life is great and baby gives us so much joy!

Wow, pretty emotional to read! Wonderful that u shared those thoughts with us. Cutie of a baby btw! It’s nice to not have to lie about it everynow and again when ur friends show u there newborns ;)


Thanks so much @jaybird for the message. It's indeed emotional stuff - LOL.

On a different note, every time I introduce baby, I would mention your sandwich contest and tell them my 'big' baby was a result of the sandwich consumption (^_-).

ahahaha, well that makes a lot of sense :)

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