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Hello Steemians,

I have a practical background in various home remedies, and I wish to share some on this platform as they truely give result when use.

Weak erection/libido can not be considered to be a disease, rather is like a sysmptom of other fundamental problems.

The causes could be physical, psycological or unknown as the case may be.

This health condition can be corrected using the home remedy below:

  1. Slice four big fresh tomatoes, add a spoonful of garlic, a spoonful of khal aand a little salt. Mix well and eat everything. Repeat two times weekly.

  2. Rub garlic oil around the sex organ(male) after sexual affairs, remember to cleaan the filth before doing this.

More of these to come.......................

Thank you for reading, please follow and upvote @steemann

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That's helpful


thank you for taking your time to read it out.

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thank you so much for the recognition
I am inspired to do more. I dedicate them all to all my readers and mentors in the house

Nice information


thank you for reading

Most educating so far


ohh, thank you for taking your time to read

I will give it a try. Thanks.


waoo, that is great. Feel free to share your expereince