Man - Earth's Strength; Earth's Weakness (2)

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This new knowledge was explored to make things easier. Communication devices which emits radiation. Transportation devices which pollutes the atmosphere. For every positive use of the knowledge, there was a darkness to it which man continues to struggle to control.


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Before then, man decided to leave his cave and seek shelter so he cleared forests to make settlements. These lands were exposed to water, wind and the sun; Thus became infertile to become green again. Forests began to disappear as man continued to pillage the lands to make roads, skyscrapers and others. Soon, lands began to weep cause mass famine and great devastations through out time — possibly out of which deserts emerged. Ancient teachings proclaim a doomsday when all lives will be lost. Global warning, nuclearisation, war and genocides, atmospheric pollution and other elements that threatens to erase life as we know it, has been the handiwork of man ever since he ate the mythical fruit of knowledge.

This post was inspired after seeing season 5 of The 100 where men waged war over the last surviving land on earth because they were too selfish to share. In the end, they went in search of another planet in hopes that they do not self destruct like they did the earth.


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Today, the earth is predicted to fail so man is seeking to make life on Mars. Perhaps Jasper in The 100 was right when he said the problem was us (man) and we do not deserve the earth.

Perhaps the ancient man we deem primitive knew the best way of life. In the beginning, God made humans and placed them in the garden of Eden. Just like the ancient teaching, man ate the forbidden fruit and brought doomsday upon himself — losing his home and himself.

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