Man - Earth's Strength; Earth's Weakness.

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An ancient doctrine said in the beginning, God created man and woman and He placed them in the garden of Eden. They later ate of the forbidden fruit which opened their eyes and damned their soul. Now I choose to understand this text metaphorically.


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Thousands of years ago, our ancestors were cavemen practicing hunting and gathering and they discovered agriculture. I am assuming the world was one very vast forest. ...then man ate the forbidden fruit of knowledge.

Man discovered fire which he probably thought would make his meal more edible. A couple of years down the line, man weaponized fire and it has brought down many.

First, man probably discovered his need for meat so he exerted dominion over animals. He learnt to make clubs to catch these animals or protect himself from them. Later, man made more advanced weapons to protect himself from the animals. As the weapons evolved, so did the motive. Soon, man was to make weapons to take out another man and then it became men. Today, man makes weapons to wipe out an entire generation.


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Man felt he had to adorn himself with clothing so he killed animals to accomplish that. Soon, he discovered that mere clothing was not enough, it had to be colorful so he killed more animals. Ivories and others were hunted for by man, driving species of animals to extinction or in its brink. Man discovered the minerals of the earth do he devastated lands and continue to, just to have them.

Man wanted more fire so he used wood. He picked up twigs at first until he started killing trees to get them. Forests began to disappear as man needed more fuel. Soon, man discovered fossil fuel which he extracts from the sea, polluting water that could be used for drinking and killing aquatic lives in the process. The residue of this fuel would later fill the atmosphere, causing greenhouse effect resulting in global warming and of course diseases.


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