What we need is more Insurance . . .

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Decades ago media editors would make sure their Journalists investigated stories before publication.

After all the image of the pulp rag was what people identified with. Some attempts at investigative journalism even happened. However once central media ownership occurred, journalism simply became about rewriting an official company press release to bias that information for however the media owners wanted it to influence public opinion.

Today any scientist or entrepreneur can make any public claims they wish over the internet, in fact many of these awards company's claim to have been receiving were in fact self centered set up publicity stunts simply to award themselves another better marketing tool ! ! !


If people are going to be able to make public claims of something as scientifically proven or tested as reliable or whatever those individuals or companies should have to buy insurance. For instance if you buy one of those useless and worthless abdominal crunch machines that never work but cost a fortune, you will be able to join a class action against the insurance carrier who ' legitimatized ' the worthless claims from that seller.

Thus if con men and snake oil salesmen continue to make outlandish claims they will find it harder to purchase insurance. Financially they will be forced out of business, websites would require legal disclaimers of the insurance numbers to prove these advertisers are bonded as being legitimately financially backed in case of quality disputed against the advertised claims.

This would be a simple way to start putting some respectability back into informational claims. Individuals, scientists and companies would be forced to take some efforts to prove their products claims. Over time premiums would reflect how honest and ethical each entity was about making their propaganda and marketing strategies ! ! !

At least then the public would not be repeat victims of scams upon scams.

Thank you Pixabay for the images.

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