My First Dtube Video Ever! 60 Second Sundays With Son!

in #health4 years ago

Hey Guys! Having trouble finding motivation when wanting to achieve a goal? Do you often find that it is hard to keep once you have it? Well, here are 3 quick steps you can apply TODAY!

Leave a comment below on what you want to learn next week and make sure to check out my instagram and website for more content!

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Very good, sweet and straight to the point ,first video ;)

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Hey @sondraparys I have just watched this video, you have explained the #motivation topic in a very decent way, though you just have 60 seconds to talk about, but you have done a great job...please keep it up.

BTW 60seconds is an awesome name, it can be your brand name or whatever......LOL - just kidding

@sondraparys I have a question fr you, how can I increase my "Reputation Score" on steemit, I am stuck at 38, and you are at 51, I want to definitely increast this value, can you please help me???


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